One man's meat is another man's suffering. This proverbial wisdom applies particularly to linguistic arguments. If you can verbally "defeat" the other, you can be happy about his wit and superiority. The other often only has the bitter taste of social submission.

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Make the other mouths?

quick-wittedness is unfortunately often misunderstood as the ability to silence others with verbal weapons. In part – and in certain situations it is. For example, when it comes to encountering personal insults and putting an end to them.

But in this case the purpose also does not justify the means.

No verbal warfare

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Repartee is not to be confused with verbal warfare. With brutal linguistic means one can often, and also very much light provoke violent reactions – too recognition. However, this kind of recognition is based solely on the fact that the other person is socially processed and excluded.

So almost always one goes with her Anxiety accompanied by those who give you this recognition: a fear of being treated like the linguistically and socially processed person. So there is also a kind of opportunism that plays a role in this kind of recognition. It is better to side with the winner – also for safety reasons.

Reasonable and socially competent

This martial form of repartee rarely has anything to do with proper reaction. Anyone who sees the verbal confrontation as a scene of social conflicts in which hierarchical circumstances are concerned takes the military origin of the word repartee too seriously.

Being quick-witted also means being social competently to be. social Expertise is characterized by the fact that one sovereign, constructive and acts in accordance with generally acceptable values. Even when it comes to your own sovereignty To preserve or protect is a socially competent action bound to these factors.

Stay sovereign, but do not depreciate the others!

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This means that the preservation of one's own sovereignty must not be done by degrading or violating the sovereignty of the other. Objective A quick-witted reaction is to overcome the problematic situation - to overcome it profitably. Of course, it should also be about looking good yourself.

But who is ultimately better off? The/the one who/the resistance brutally knocks down; or the one who, with his/her reaction, not only maintains his sovereignty and shows strength, but also opens the door to a constructive cooperation?

Dissen like the pros

However, the mistake must not be made of constantly using the same ready-made empty phrases and templates. The Audience and the jury notices this immediately and penalizes it Behavior away. Rightly so, because that has nothing to do with quick-wittedness.

How can you train your own quick-wittedness?

10 tips for more repartee:

  1. Practice in word games: eg "The house painter sees red."
  2. Practice yourself in mind games: eg "What do you imagine under a suspension bridge?" or “water, water, mostly water.”
  3. Read
  4. Keep track of the dialogs
  5. Light up situations from multiple angles (multilateral thinking)
  6. Interpret abbreviations
  7. Make association exercises
  8. Follow-up: look for answers that are ready for the job, in situations where you missed them
  9. Record “word balls”: eg “How much do you earn?” "I earn a lot - luckily my boss hasn't noticed it yet."
  10. Expand your vocabulary

These exercises not only improve your ability to react quickly; they're scary too Fun!

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