More and more People work in the home office. The model brings many advantages for both employers and employees. But under what conditions can Remote Work work optimally?

Setting up the home office correctly: 8 tips for a perfectly ergonomic workplace

The mood makes the music: light and air keep you lively

Working from home is a nice thing, but the prerequisites are not always right: At the kitchen table or in the narrow and dark hobby room, healthy and efficient work is not possible in the long term. Bad or even missing office equipment quickly leads to concentration problems, headaches or back problems. Besides, sooner or later great chaos would creep in. But what actually makes a good home office? Quite simply: it must be clear, bright, optimally air-conditioned and functionally furnished.

The German statutory accident insurance (DGUV) has Regulate set up to design and equip a home office. Daylight, for example, is important because it prevents tiredness and promotes concentration. The DGUV recommends 500 lux. If this value cannot be achieved depending on the time of day or year, flicker-free ceiling and desk lamps are a good choice Solution. More and more offices now have daylight lamps. No wonder: the modern lights make you fit and give gifts Energy. The indoor climate also has a major impact on work efficiency. In the warm months are fans useful, in winter, when you are permanently exposed to the dry heating air, humidifiers provide valuable services.

8 tips: Modern office supplies make everyday work easier

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Important for successful work in the home office: You need one Office equipment for healthy and efficient work. Sometimes it's just the little things that make your work easier. From the laminator to the monitor holder to practical footrests for an optimal posture: If you set up your home office cleverly from the start, you ultimately save a lot of time, protect muscles and joints and ensure that all professional challenges can be mastered without any problems.

  1. Filing systems, the indispensable all-rounders: Without suitable filing systems, nothing works in the home office. They prevent the dreaded chaos caused by "paper mess" and the like and ensure order and clarity. Eliminate laborious and long searches, instead you reach precisely the documents you need right now. Depending on the space required and the individual work situation, different filing systems are available. Sometimes simple sorting trays for the computer or desk are sufficient, but sometimes spacious sorting shelves are also needed.
  2. Correct scheduling: If you deal with scheduling and disposition in the home office, plug-in card boards serve as support. So it pays to adapt the filing systems to individual requirements, because the more carefully you set up your home office, the more efficiently you can work.
  3. Table to sit on: A seated position is ideal for writing longer texts. Because this is the only way to think relaxed and in peace.
  4. Flexible, ergonomic chair: An ergonomic chair is important. It should also be flexible: If you have an interruption in the flow of thoughts and writing and stop typing, you should rock back and forth on the chair a few times; this movement inspires to keep writing. A sitting ball also does a good job here.
  5. Standing workstation: But there should also be jobs for a standing position. Because standing is particularly well suited for multitasking phases: answering e-mails, doing admin stuff, researching, making phone calls, discussing a few questions with colleagues via Skype or Zoom, maintaining social media. If you are standing, you can constantly change your posture, temporarily resting your arms on the table like on a bar counter or moving your legs. This keeps body and mind flexible.
  6. Correct disposal: If your employer's confidential documents have to be disposed of as quickly and safely as possible, you need a good document shredder. Because simply throwing files away does not comply with the legal requirements.
  7. Stepladder or roll stool: So that you can always get to the top compartments of your filing cabinet, a sturdy roll stool should be available that you can use as a rollable stepladder.
  8. Floor protection mats: They are not only practical, but also beautiful to look at and, provided they have the right design, can spice up a room enormously: Floor protection mats prevent damage from computer chairs, especially on sensitive floors!

A look into the future ...

Working from home will become fashionable Future prevail more and more. Around eleven million people in Germany are already using this model, which is more than 30 percent of all working people. The fear of some CompanyThe fact that working from home could affect productivity is fundamentally unfounded. However, the prerequisites also have to be right.

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