Have you ever been “talked into” something? No wonder you can only think of negative things when it comes to sales. Seller do well to think carefully about what he needs Customer really taking objections seriously and keeping promises beyond the sale.

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The negative image

Become People When asked what spontaneously comes to mind on the subject of sellers, the descriptions usually come up negative out of. Maybe because everyone has been “talked into” something, or the seller no longer felt responsible after the purchase if his customer sold with the Performance a Problem would have.

Also, many fear customersthat a seller's job is to sell, and in case of doubt presents his offer a little more flowery than what it is in reality.

First to sell himself his offer

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Sellers have to stand behind their offer. So they are not only confident in negotiating, but are also committed to winning new customers. Because if you know yourself why you are good, you can cope better with any rejection - and you can continue. No seller will be able to explain to his customer why his offer is an asset if he does not even know it himself.

Salespeople also need to think about how they will act clear differentiate from their competitors. Because it's normal for customers to compare - and want to be sure that they're getting the best Solution get at a fair price.

What does the customer really want and need?

So some salespeople shirk their responsibility by offering something sell, just because the customer asked for it. But as a rule, the seller should be a professional and know whether the customer is actually getting closer to his goals with the purchase - or not. That's why it's also part of not selling something to a customer.

For example, if you know that the customer is not happy with it, or he is significantly better with a competitor's offer. After all, people are buying from people - and a customer still remembers for years how appreciably a salesman has departed with him in certain situations.

In practice, many sellers do not have enough time to find out what the customer really wants - and what solution he is trying to achieve.

Do not confuse silence with listening

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People like to talk. Particularly gladly by itself. And so many vendors mean that they have to explain the customer in extensive presentations everything. But very few people have a very good memory. At the latest after a few minutes of monologues, many a listener switches off - and misses perhaps decisive arguments.

Customers can listen effortlessly when the Presentation is relevant to them - and they are included. Not just through Ask and answers, but also through concrete actions.

Objections and other annoyance

Customers want to be sure that they are buying the right one. That's why they also ask themselves, of course, what could speak against the purchase. Ideally, they express their concerns so that the seller can give them information. But all too often, customers do not want to offend their provider personally, and keep some worries to themselves.

Because how would some salespeople react if the customer said "I don't think they can really do that!" against Head would throw? In order to maintain diplomacy, customers prefer to use pretexts, i.e. diplomatic white lies, such as “I’ll think about it again!”.

Close the sack

Providers often try to buy the order with a high discount. But many a customer is unsettled by a high discount. After all, can something be really good if it's suddenly cheap - or perhaps only valid today? Opinion questions like “What do you think of this?” help to find out what the customer really thinks.

And if the answer is positive, you can definitely move on to the conclusion. Maybe with “Great. Then let us make an appointment right away. How about you on the seventh of the next month? ” or with questions for details: "Should we send them the red version, or the blue one, which they found so beautiful earlier?"

Follow-up and assurance

But selling is not finished with the conclusion. For now both sides must fulfill their obligations.

The customer has to pay on time - and the seller has to ensure that “his” customer really gets the intended benefit with the service sold. Because only if these two factors are also fulfilled, both actually have you Objective reached.

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