Anyone who spends a lot of time online and digitally is often considered to be particularly efficient and innovative. The opposite is the case, that Internet is a true productivity tomb.

Productivity grave

How many new customers do you acquire through Facebook?

A befriended owner of a larger tax consultancy is online practically around the clock. The nice thing is: You can meet him for tennis almost at any time, because via Facebook-Chat, every message reaches him almost immediately. His social mediaExpertise is also from the Industry praised as particularly innovative.

Finally, he can network with existing clients under the umbrella term “relationship maintenance”. But as a tax advisor he wins new clients on Facebook?

Social media doesn't have the right audience for you

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No. Because many social networks, especially Facebook, are first and foremost a community of people interested in sweepstakes and those addicted to distraction, who, however, hardly ever go this way Money publish on the web.

Of course, you too can have a fan page for your Corporate entertain and of course this can for image purposes useful be. But Hand straight to the heart: To what extent does dealing with it in your case primarily serve to distract you?

Free content? With pleasure

As far as the business relevance is concerned, the fact that Facebook recently even the reach of the fan pages was arbitrarily cut. Now an entrepreneur has to pay for an advertisement so that those who like his site see his reports at all. And how do you measure the return on investment for your credibility?

I assume that at the end of their life no one would wish: “If only I had more time on Facebook spent!" As long as you are not a movie star, posting irrelevant status messages is not a measure of social importance, maintaining virtual friendships is not an excuse for neglecting real relationships and the frequency of clicks on “Like” is not directly related to the feeling of real joie de vivre. On the contrary!

Productivity Grace XING

XING is at least as big a productivity grave. Either there are users who have nothing else to do all day but theirs Status updating, posting on forums (which admittedly can also be a powerful marketing strategy), and writing emails.

Or there is a group of customers that you meet at various network events, but usually not too much beyond that successfully acts. No wonder: If these people disregard their own time, they can of course not generate any significant returns from their time use. Do not do that!

Why blogging makes more sense

Something better is about weblogs. There, regular content can expand its own expert status, improve the search engine ranking and thus bring visitors to their own website.

But beware: The Rede This is from running your own weblog, not surfing the blogsphere for hours under the guise of research. Granted: Without Facebook, Xing and Co., according to the motto “If you are not in, you are out”, it seems that today you can hardly go.

Find a suitable employee

Maybe this is all yours Shop beneficial? Then you should hire someone to do it. Because in this case the question does not arise: Should I or shouldn't I? Rather: I transfer this Tasks as in any larger company no better someone else? There are many companies that bear such promising names as “social media management”.

People are active there who spend the whole day on the Internet anyway and thus make use of their hobby Job have made. With them, your social media activities are in the best hands - and you have your hands free again for your actual work!

Online time is unproductive

If you consider the hours in front of the computer Alternatives at the time you might otherwise have spent in front of the television, 30 minutes that you clicked through status messages can definitely be in Order .

You should only be aware that this time can never be considered productive.

As an entrepreneur you miss success

Because as an entrepreneur, with every hour you browse online through the colorful social media world, you miss 60 minutes to countably advance your business.

Do the math Costs the time wasted in this way. Therefore, keep asking yourself the question: Does what I am doing in this moment bring me what is most important to me Objective the next? Make a screensaver with this kit.

Visualize your capital waste

However, it hardly starts, as long as you hustle hard into the keys. So even better: Hang a corresponding sign over the desk or use the audio reminder that you are in the protected area below free download.

What is important is that you take care of your wasted Capital while browsing Facebook visualize. Ultimately, you have to exist in both worlds: the digital and the real.

How much time do you want to waste?

We spend too much time in the digital World, you lose those hours for dealing with the real world - for the Family, for friends, for yourself. Because there are only 24 hours in the day, no matter how much we work or how much Fun we have on the internet.

So ask yourself now: How much of your precious time do you really want to waste on the Internet? And how much of the time you spend there really belongs to your working hours?

Query your network habits

In the medium term, you should be aware of how you can effortlessly achieve the results of your working hours in half the time. For the moment, it is quite sufficient if you become aware of what you are spending your precious time on Future shouldn't waste anymore.

I have nothing against the internet (and if so, what use would it be?), but we should question our internet habits more often in order not to become too fast dependent on the network. Use yours ZEIT ONLINE conscious. Free yourself from the artificial Internet.

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