Happiness is an essential in the sale Success factor. The happiness of customers, but also the personal happiness that the seller radiates. That's why it's important to be mindful and grateful for the many little moments of happiness in life Everyday life be.

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What is happiness anyway?

Without a doubt the Job of the seller has “what it takes to be a happy job”, i.e. a dream job. To achieve this happiness, one should Seller bring certain character traits with them in order to be happy in and through their profession.

But now is the time to give an answer to the question, what is happiness anyway?

Luck - a defintion attempt

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According to Ed Diener, one of the most famous scientists in the field of positive things, happiness means Psychology, the ability to experience sustained, subjective well-being. The recipe for this subjective well-being is made up of various ingredients, some of which have already been illuminated.

In various investigations were again and again People interviewed, who describe themselves as particularly happy, where they believe the ability to experience this feeling of happiness comes from. The unanimous answer is: “It is the ability to enjoy the little things, the daily moments of success and happiness!”

Moments of happiness

What moments of happiness are meant? First and foremost, those that originate from the practice of the salesperson's profession, such as the sense of achievement after a successful sale.

Just please do not depend on the personal happiness of this single Industry dependent on an experience that occurs quite rarely. Positive, successful experiences in sales can be, for example:

Daily success is important

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If we in sale only the order or contract as Success watch, then we miss the daily successes. Rome wasn't built in a day and so many Customer also takes longer to make a purchase decision.

It is therefore important to strategically plan the intermediate steps for the conclusion of the contract to plan, to be carried out and, if achieved, to be evaluated as successful.

Intermediate steps on the way to seller luck

For example, if you are thinking of acquiring new customers by telephone, then an identified decision-maker for a target customer is an important step. Then you have a good first Conversation managed and positioned its own name, that's already a second stage victory.

If it comes in a further discussion to the demand and order clarification, we are again a crucial step closer to our final goal.

Many steps lead to sales success

Many steps lead to the final sales success. And even with the order, the sales channel is far from over.

If we do this, we will automatically have more sense of achievement and thus record moments of happiness.

Experience moments of happiness

Selling takes a lot Energy, but also gives us a lot of energy back. It is crucial that we regularly reward ourselves and integrate the ability to enjoy in everyday life:

How strong is the seller's ability to experience small moments of happiness and integrate them into their own day-to-day sales? And how well is his mindfulness designed to seize such chances of luck and not let it pass unused?

My tip no 1: Create your Schmunzelliste

Answer the following question: Which things do I conjure guaranteed and always a smile on my face?

Make up your personal list of moments of happiness or “make-up list” using the mind map below. From now on, take care of your personal moments of happiness in your everyday life!

Happiness moments in the salesman's day schedule

Because: Decisive for our continued well-being is to be mindful and grateful for the small happiness experiences that happen every day.

It is also important in our calendars to consciously plan happiness experiences and to take the time to follow these beautiful appointments with yourself and others. The sum of these little moments of happiness make a big, long-term happiness.

My tip no 2: make a daily fortune!

Ask At the end of each day, you consciously ask yourself: “What did I do well today?”. Make a ritual out of it. It's best to write at least three a day positive experiences from your everyday sales.

Create a nice lucky diary for yourself or use the note function of your smartphone or iPad. You will see how you train your positive perception and thus your ability to be happy in the long term.

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