The first impression is crucial when acquiring customers. For getting started, for long-term cooperation, for the Future. Company and Seller should deal with it regularly, intensively and self-critically. 10 tips for this.

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1. Problem generalization

Many People generalize a spontaneously received first impression of a sub-area to the big picture.

If, for example, the receptionist appears stressed when she calls the hotel, this impression is subconsciously transferred to the entire hotel. For companies that want something sell want (and who doesn't), this mechanism can have fatal consequences. Because the first impression sticks.

2. Optimize first contact

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If you meet an employee on first contact who you feel you have to “carry” to work, it can do a lot for the entire corporate image negative have an impact.

Since there is no second chance for the first impression, negligent mistakes should be avoided here.

3. Communicate competence

Who calls in a company, often has enough employees on the phone, who have no idea. Of course, not every employee can know everything.

But without answers to the most common Ask this person has no place on the phone.

4. Offer service

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The service concept is just as often missing. Instead of "Sorry, the colleague is not there", a phrase like "Mr. x cannot be reached by 14 p.m. tomorrow.

Can I help you, or can I leave a note that he will call you back? ” much more appreciative and professional. The caller gets the feeling that he is important.

5. A positive picture

A good first impression is given to a large extent by appearance, i.e. clothing. Anyone with customers in Contact should therefore always ask:

What impression do I give through my outward appearance? And which do I want to awaken?

6. Do not exaggerate

But please do not exaggerate. A sure instinct is needed. The aroused expectations must fit into reality.

Anyone who shines too much with their outfit and cannot support this claim with their skills, abilities and range of products stays fast on the route. Not much remains of the shine in day-to-day business.

7. Staging little things

Sellers, mostly a first and high representative Effect should work on staging themselves (even) better. The same applies to the entire company in its external impact.

8. Puzzle pieces form a whole

It is precisely such little things that also make us Customer stand out. Negative as well as positive! And it is precisely these little things that are decisive in terms of the image that the other person gets of us – as a person and as a company.

They fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to form an overall picture. The more positive this picture is, the easier it can be trust develop. This is especially important for sellers. A confident mood forms the good basis for the actual sales process.

9. Use automatism

The automatic generalization with regard to the first impression can also be used as an advantage: just as sometimes we put people into a drawer too quickly and do not let them out, it also works the other way around.

Even with a small positive aspect, the whole thing can be positively remembered. The seller or the receptionist contributes as well as the announcement on the business mobile which first and lasting impression a company leaves behind.

10. Finally: 7 points checklist for the first impression

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