There are many professions whose health risks remain manageable. On the other hand, there are dangerous professions that promise thrills but can also be very physically challenging. 5 Risks-Professions at a glance.

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Risky occupational groups - occupational safety

Some of the more harmless professions include being a programmer in a software company or a clerk in a public authority. An example of a high-risk Job is, on the other hand, the building cleaner who has specialized in high-rise building facades. Or the bodyguard. The latter must not only master close combat techniques, but also be familiar with the use of firearms. Which Safety measures But are common practice in the individual jobs?

In principle, it works wherever People are employed in an employment relationship, occupational safety. This one kills Company sometimes very strict guidelines for that Health to protect the individual employee. The latter are but in the same way in the mandatory taken. After all, carelessness has often led to serious accidents Workplace guided.

Occupational safety in risk occupations

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Occupational safety is therefore very important in many occupations. Some professions are particularly affected. An overview:

1. glass cleaner

Colloquially known as window cleaners, glass cleaners are used in many areas today. Authorities and ministries, i.e. the public ones Hand, have glass and window surfaces cleaned by professionals as well as companies. Even private households use the offers of glass cleaners. The speed with which professionals conjure up a streak-free shine on the glass fronts of public properties and office buildings is impressive.

Special risk for glass cleaner

Certainly one or the other household would want their know-how. With a window cleaner but probably no one wants to swap, the workplace at dizzying heights.

Some glass cleaners specialize in the use on facades of office towers in inner cities. 20 or 30 meter height is still lower floor for these pros. It is partly worked in 50 or 100 meters height.

Safety measures for glass cleaner

In general, the necessary safety measures result from the regulations on occupational safety. So exists a guideline of the BG (professional association) construction on fall protection. Among other things, this is responsible for the area of ​​building cleaning. Hedging measures therefore concern:

The safety measures also include the use of a suitable barrier below the actual work area.

2. firefighters

Fire fighting, personal rescue or emergency aid for environmental and natural disasters. The fire brigades (regardless of whether they are fire brigade or voluntary work) face new challenges each time they are deployed. The stakes can be relatively harmless. Again and again it comes to the fire fighters dicey situations in which their health and life is at stake.

Protective equipment of firefighters

The dangers cannot be limited to just one source of risk. In the case of fire, it is not only the heat but also the resulting smoke gas that causes the Problem becomes. Storms lead to falling trees or objects being turned into projectiles by the wind. The personal protective equipment of the individual firefighter must be able to cope with these challenges.

The personal protective equipment (PPE) of firefighters consists of:

From what dangers does it offer protection?

The PSA is on the one hand to protect against mechanical hazards (keyword cut injury) as well as prevent burns. For safety shoes, this also means that they also have a certain heat resistance. this will through different security classes and accessories achieved, each describing certain security features. The classification ranges from the designation SB with basic requirements up to class S5 with particularly high safety requirements.

In addition, the firefighter can, depending on the position in the fire brigade, create additional protective clothing. This serves to prevent, for example, cuts due to chainsaws. For use in smoky buildings, fire departments rely on respiratory protective equipment.

3. roofer

The profession of roofer is associated with important safety aspects, not least because of the height. Because roofers work at dizzy heights. are single-family homes for sure not yet the maximum of what a roofer experiences in his career.

Roofer: Special position of the workplace

Apartment buildings in particular are very popular in inner-city locations fast several tens of meters in height. The special position of the workplace naturally results in one of the main risks, the risk of falling.

But roof planners can also threaten injuries in other ways. Falling components, working with sharp-edged sheets. Just two more examples of what dangers await roofers. Added to this are the imponderables of the weather. If the sun shines today and it gets warm in the summer, tomorrow it can already go in the direction of a wet and cold weather. The latter is definitely a challenge.

Safety measures for roofers

Roofers usually fall under the jurisdiction of BG Bau when it comes to occupational safety. This also applies here the already mentioned guide. The safety measures include not only securing with harness / personal safety equipment.

Especially in the range of:

Special requirements must be observed. But even working directly on the roof can be risky. For example, load-bearing coverings are to be provided for the inspection of roofs under certain conditions. Their task is to absorb the weight of the roofer to prevent breakthrough into underlying floors.

4. pilot

For many, especially adolescents, being a pilot is a dream job. Always seeing new cities and continents (from above) and a lush one salary are ideas that attract act. In practice, a pilot's job is often less glamorous. while having to clear A distinction can be made between civil aviation pilots and combat pilots. Why?

Danger due to high stress level

Army aviators face different challenges than pilots in civil aviation, particularly in terms of stress levels. The Vocational Training contains a lot of intersections. However, air combat situations are associated with a very high level of stress. This applies both mentally and physically. Example: In a loop with a jet plane, high levels have an effect positive G-forcesthat lead to a blackout. Cast while swooping negative G-forces, redout is imminent. But the job can also be dangerous for civil pilots.

Industrial accidents of pilots end, due to the special circumstances of their service, deadly more often than in other professions. Army aviators are protected by special suits designed to prevent blackouts. Still holding the parachute as a last resort. Especially in civil aviation this last safety line is missing.

Work safety for pilots

Risks threaten the civilian pilots but not only when flying. Even the outside check on the ground, as part of the flight preparation, can be a risk. At airports it is hectic, risks are:

Therefore, important safety features for pilots include safety vest and hearing protection.

5. Bodyguard and bodyguard

Bodyguards have a sometimes high occupational risk - safety measures are also important here.

Bodyguards have im Everyday life a significant level of responsibility. How important their job can become can be seen, among other things, from the fact that witnesses need special protection against organized crime. For example, the Berlin police used 80 bodyguards to protect a good dozen people.

Health risks for bodyguards

There are health risks for the bodyguard / bodyguard many, both during training and during the missions. It can include:


Safety measures for bodyguards

A very important element in the personal security of bodyguards, of course, is the ability to use weapons (not just firearms). These are suitable for active hazard prevention. In practice, physical fitness and body control are two more points.

Parallel will be on passive Measures set. Shot vests in particular are a topic here. The challenge in personal protection often lies in the fact that suitable defensive measures should not be immediately obvious, but at the same time must always be at hand and effective.

Conclusion: Safety is important even in high school

They exist: occupations with a higher security risk. Some are sure to come straight away. Roofers would certainly be an example. But also the ordnance clearance service is exposed to considerable risks. At the bodyguards or pilots many think but later. There is also a considerable risk potential in these occupations.

Not every situation can be excluded. However, today there are many ways to mitigate the consequences, such as a careless step on the half-covered roof. In addition to the companies that have to implement the measures, the individual employees are also in demand here. Because the opportunities are used consistently, ultimately lies in their responsibility.

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