The day before yesterday there was an exclusive keynote via Skype with WikileaksFounders Julian Assange at the Media Week in Berlin. Assange then presented himself live Ask by journalist Melinda Crane. No video recordings have been released of this Skype interview other than the video above.

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There was a ban on filming and recording for both, but N24 has published the rights and the keynote together with their own interview. From the Skype interview with Melinda Crane there is therefore only one sound recording in very poor quality, which was published on

In addition, there is the almost three-minute video snippet recorded above, the best of HR -® was leaked anonymously. I looked at all the recordings: How does the Australian, who has been under house arrest in the UK for 272 days, look?

Uncertain eye contact, speech like a robot

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In the keynote, which was recorded via Skype transmission, eye contact with the camera is initially uncertain. Assange blinks, has the Head lowered and looks like this light from bottom to top. This can be a sign that he is either insecure or has something to hide.

Assange speaks almost like a robot. He seems to have a dry mouth and therefore swallows from time to time. Of course, this can also be partly due to the fact that he is speaking to a camera, not one People. Assange also shows no gestures during the keynote.

His speech is a bit hesitant, reflective, and he looks down again and again. I do not know whether there are documents there, but I think rather that he is going into it.

What does Assange think?

Eye movement patterns show us which form of thought processes the speaker has. The view to the bottom right (from our point of view) usually shows the perception of one's own feelings in the context of the words.

Towards the end of the keynote, he often looks to the right. Either there is now a control monitor, or it is another sign of uncertainty. If it were a monitor, I'm amazed, however, that he does so only in the second half.


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His visual appearance - suit, white shirt, hair - is more sophisticated than in earlier pictures. The son of Wanderzirkus-Betreibern tries to give the serious business man by all means. Even the fundamental tone of his behavior is friendly.

I remember an interview at a TED conference where in the first sentence he already harshly corrected the interviewer, himself and Wikileaks as successfully titled for the failures of others and as he spoke took off his jacket and his cell phone rang. He was extremely arrogant and domineering there.

Critical questions do not make him nervous

I also watched the XNUMX minute snippet from the Skype interview with Melinda Crane. Its restless body language (Look etc.) corresponds to that of the keynote. Only a few gestures are added, similar to the interview with N24, and he speaks a little more fluently again.

I couldn't say that the critical questions make him more nervous than at the keynote. It's probably more the anonymity of the Technology, which makes him uneasy.

In direct conversation quiet and factual

Compared to the interview with N24, in which he sits opposite a journalist, Assange in the Skype transmission is superior and unsafe. This I particularly note the nervous gaze and the chopped speech.

In the interview with the journalist, on the other hand, he seems very calm and matter-of-fact. He maintains good eye contact with the interviewer and largely uses very good, lively and supportive gestures. He speaks emphatically, not to fast and very understandable. No more trace of chopped off.

Serious appearance

He substantively substantiated, justifies Wikilieaks procedure as necessary reactions on media, in particular the Guradian. The fact that secret documents are published here, which on the one hand are not to be published and on the other hand can cause damage, does not put up for debate. He sees much more as a democratic enlightener and supporter of activists and their organizations.

Anyone who sees him in this video for the first time and has not informed himself about the background gets the impression that a serious journalist is at work here. He is the hero, not a criminal. He denies allegations that he has carelessly put the lives of others at risk. And by being serious Appear, this seems believable.

Consciously create a positive image?

He attacks the media (“are used by the powerful of the Welt influenced”), sees the media as important multipliers for his “heroic work”. Julian Assange is aware that many hate him and his actions are frowned upon. That's why he tries to create a positive image with a serious, deliberately calm and factual appearance.

During his keynote, however, he seems insecure, either because he is reluctant to use the video transmission technology or because he simply has lamp fiber. Or is he not quite for sureto always do the right thing?

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