Even if you think that the accumulation of material things adds no value to your life, follow a very simple rule: disconnect from anything that you do not use regularly or that does not enrich your life.


The environment also changes with the lifestyle

Listen to the well-meaning Criticism but don't let it pull you down just because the others don't (want to) understand your unconventional plan. Because one thing is very clear: as soon as your lifestyle changes, your environment will change too. New People come into your life and long-term contacts break off. This is the natural course that changes bring.

Jim Rohn put it aptly:

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." – “You are the average of the five people you are closest to.”

How close relationships affect our lives

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Regardless of the exact number, you can for sure confirm. Our closest relationships have such a profound impact on us that they can either halt or transform our lives.

Therefore, you should gather a group of people around you who are already living your desired lifestyle or at least encourage you and help you to make changes. As painful as breakups may be, you will make new friends who will enrich your life in very different ways.

Hard decisions are needed

Unfortunately, you won't have to make hard choices between your selfish plans and your commitments to yours either Family get around Of course, you should fulfill your responsibility towards relatives in need of help and, of course, consider the interests of your family, but not bind yourself to them out of mere habit. Don't make the mistake of committing yourself to something unnecessarily feel.

Also think about whether your newfound freedom might not even have a positive effect on family members. Can't it be that unconventional Education has a good influence on children that your sister likes to take you to exotic places the Welt visit and it fills your parents with pride and happiness when you shape your life according to your ideas?

Use less, use more

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You will clear easier if you don't think about owning things, but about their use. If you prioritize the benefit, it's no longer about doing without. Because you don't give up anything if, for example, you switch from owning a car to using it for car sharing or carpooling and using a fitness studio instead of your own fitness room.

There are good ones for almost all material possessions in your life Alternativesthat are more flexible, take up less space and can be taken anywhere. Photos and documents can be digitized, PC and television can be exchanged for a small laptop and the landline telephone can be replaced with a Skype landline number.

Adjust your consumer behavior

It is the cycle of Income and consumption that ensures you never have enough to earn can. You will not break this cycle with more and more work, but with conscious consumer behavior. As much as you like to give in to your short-term cravings for consumption, you give up a little bit of freedom with every purchase, because you expenditure have to earn again.

The following advice should help you to resist your consumption cravings:

Fixed monthly debits

Besides the one-time purchase of things, there are those nasty amounts that are regularly deducted from your account. The Problem it is that these are mostly long-term contractual obligations.

Contracts are the absolute epitome of dependency. Whether a contract of employment, an insurance policy or a telephone contract - what you are sold is a supposed security, which usually has to be bought at a high price.

Examine the edition carefully

An often wrong assumption is that a service becomes cheaper the longer the contract runs. This has changed in recent years, not least because of greater competition in many markets and in Internet changed drastically. In many areas you can use a service on demand (if required) or at least as a subscription model that can be canceled monthly.

With a look at your account statements from last year, you can see which fixed amounts are regularly withdrawn from your account - contracts for mobile phones and the Internet, memberships in the gym and tax aid association, subscriptions, insurance, account fees and credit cards.

What do you really need?

Think carefully about whether you really need and want to continue to make these long-term financial commitments, and stick to the following two principles:

  1. Benefit before ownership (on demand instead of permanent availability)
  2. Flexible solutions before long-term contracts (independence instead of supposed security)

The same applies, of course, if you are thinking about concluding a new contract. Sometimes it's just small monthly amounts that aren't just big in the long run Costs cause, but bind you to a place or mentally burden you.

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