emptiness and powerlessness. thoughts that wander. A feeling of being burned out. Where is that Energy remained, the joy of business appointments in general and customer appointments in particular? "Do I have to go to the doctor? I might have Burnout? "

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Hearing loss - recognize alleged burnout symptoms in good time

What does incipient hearing loss have in common with burnout symptoms? In fact, Hearing can Stress cause – and cause burnout-like conditions. Especially at the beginning of an onset of hearing loss. Not all tones get into the Brain to the hearing filter, which plays a key role in human hearing.

If the hearing aid is impaired due to a beginning hearing loss, less and less is heard. The consequence: Affected persons must listen more carefully and inquire more frequently in order to understand something. This does not only strain, but it means stress. Because the hearing gets more cognitive resources and a higher ability to concentrate.

Emotional stress at work through acoustic isolation

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Many affected feel then in her Communication, just in Job, restricted. Misunderstandings arise, they cannot understand what is said. This makes them uncomfortable, which is why they increasingly avoid conversations. But also through the efforts to fill the acoustic gaps, they withdraw more and more to gather strength again. They participate less in active life. In addition to the acoustic, there is also social isolation.

Emotional stress is often added: expectations of oneself, one's own attitudes or fears negative feelings. In conversations, those affected shy away from asking questions again. Or have Anxiety from others thinking badly of you - unfortunately, hearing loss is still a social taboo subject, which is all too common light is stamped under the title "Old Age Infirmities".

Little hearing information, a lot of hearing stress

The hearing filter is an essential part of our hearing processing. He has the task to select important from unimportant noises and thus to make good hearing possible. With an intact audio filter can be easily maintained conversations, even if it is all around very busy. This function also protects against too much acoustic input and thus against overstimulation. The filter function in the ear also allows us to selectively listen, which is particularly important when we are in noisy environments, such as at trade fairs or conferences.

If there is a hearing loss, this ability is lost. It gets less hearing information to the filter, this is less used and therefore can often do its job as desired. The hearing filter is untrained. If then through a hearing aid amplified tones to him, this can no longer handle the unfamiliar tide of noise. It passes on unfiltered all sounds and creates: noise. Noise that causes stress again. The frequent consequence: The actually necessary hearing aids are not worn ...

3 tips against stress and for a healthy approach to hearing loss

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But what can we do if we have such a Problem taken to counteract the resulting stress? 3 tips:

1. Self-love: Away from the negative self-image

If we look inside ourselves, we will most likely notice it very much fast the negative attitude of being hard of hearing. The mere thought of it is the most People unpleasant. It sometimes takes a lot of effort for us to consult an ENT or hearing care professional.

But why? Conversely, precisely those negative basic assumptions lead to very high social and emotional burdens, which in turn have an effect on the psychological level. An unpleasant circumstance that can even make you sick - right down to burnout. However, hearing problems and their symptoms such as fatigue or burnout-like conditions can be counteracted.

2. Reactivate the sound filter

In order to avoid the removal of the actually necessary hearing aids and to train the hearing filter, specifically developed hearing therapies are already more likely. Special exercises help the person affected - or their hearing filters - step by step to differentiate important from unimportant noises.

After a short time it becomes possible to follow conversations again and actively participate in conversations. The (hearing) stress is noticeably reduced, cognitive exertion and mental stress decrease, the joie de vivre increases.

3. Exercise sound fitness

And suddenly so many noises arrive ... In a volume and timbre that those affected are simply no longer used to. Many things suddenly sound very different. The reason for this feeling is the hearing weaning that has taken place until then: the longer it goes back in time, the stronger the feeling of strange, unfamiliar sounds.

But the brain is able to get used to the tonal and frequency richness again. The consistent, durable wearing of the hearing aids trains the ear to the new listening conditions. By contrast, the filtering of the important noises is consciously and individually trained by the hearing therapy. Conducted consistently, sufferers are rewarded with high-quality hearing. And with her comes the professional joy far from negative thoughts about stress and burnout - the joy of business appointments in general and customer appointments in particular.

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