And action: The Working world is changing and with it the HR industry. While HR was traditionally an activity for managing work productivity, today it has to be so much more: a contact person for the Employees, ambassador of the employer brand and, last but not least, the driving force behind social change in the world of work. How can this succeed?

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HR and their social understanding

On Future Personal 2018, as part of “Meet The Blogger” in the blogger launch, I held my session on the subject of “Social self-image of HR” – by the way, in direct competition with Saschal Lobo, who was speaking at a different location at the same time.

This event was deliberately designed as an open discussion: I wanted to give my audience a short introduction and then I have a few food for thought, so Ask prepared to join the joint discussion moderated by me. Those of my inclined readers who have already been to a bar camp already know this principle of the open session.

Objective: Discussion on the changing world of work

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My Objective it would be that we constructive consider together how we can improve the reputation of the human resources industry and its Significance in the Society can improve. That's why we want to discuss together how the new role of HR will look like, both externally and internally Corporate mediate.

My point of view is not that of a HR manager, I observe them Industry Rather, I have been a journalist on work and career topics for over 20 years and have seen many trends come and go during this time. That's why there are no slides and no handouts - the focus was rather on the exchange of opinions.

Work in dialogue

Let me start with a little anecdote: Last week I was at an Oracle event in Frankfurt and struck up a conversation with someone over lunch Conversation, who also worked for a large corporation here in Stuttgart.

When I then said I'm a blogger, he immediately approached me and then asked light suspicious-pitying: "And you have to make a living from blogging?" That's about as stupid a comment as saying, "Oh, to earn you not enough?”

Must work hurt?

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But the self-image of blogging is not supposed to be the topic here: Such a comment shows above all the self-image of work in our society: work has to be hard and difficult, it has to hurt and when it does Fun doing, arouses suspicion.

The Austrian-US-American philosopher Frithjof Bergmann has the Term New Work shaped, which is currently on everyone's lips. For example, he asked factory workers in Michigan what kind of work they really, really wanted to do and founded the term New Work. Behind that is the Idea, that the World a better place would be if the People could unfold their true potential.

Does success make you happy?

The HarvardProfessor Shawn Achor has been researching what makes people happy for many years. Through his research, he also gained the very exciting insight of what people successfully makes - because both are directly related to each other.

Achor found that we can be much more successful professionally when we are happy. Our Brain is simply more productive in a positive state—31 percent more productive than in a negative state.

Or does luck make success?

Most of us can not access this 31 percent more productivity, however, because a crucial misconception has crept into our society:

We believe that we will be more successful if we work harder. The harder we work, the more successful we will be. And the more successful we are, the happier we will be. But that is a fallacy, as Achor explains.

Positive emotions increase performance

Increase according to Achor Seller their performance by 37 percent. Doctors work 19 percent faster and more accurately when their brains are in a positive state.

Or in short: Happiness and satisfaction make you more productive, more creative and more successful. And exactly these positive ones emotions are what distinguish us as humans from machines and artificial Intelligence distinguishes us and sets us apart from it - when many jobs are automated.

What sets us apart from machines?

Exactly this satisfaction and positive So it is performance that we urgently need in a digital working world.

And who knows, this is exactly where the basics may lie Problem in the self-image of the personnel industry. Because traditionally many care HR just not about the potential development of your employees. But in many places they simply manage the employees.

Human Resources = Employee Management? A traditional definition

That will clear For example, if you look at how Wikipedia defines human resources – I quote:

“Human resources refers to the area of ​​business administration that deals with the production factor work and with personnel. Human resources is a function present in all organizations whose core tasks are the provision and goal-oriented deployment of personnel. In HR practice, many companies also include the interaction topic and the SALE and emotion of the staff.”

The best minds win: What recruiters have to do in digitization

This shows how much the traditional understanding of human resources is still shaped by the understanding of the industrial age: human resources manage labor productivity, efficiency and performance.

In digitization, however, completely different points become important: networking, satisfaction and Motivation the employees or the fact that, for example, employees fully support their company, key words corporate influencer. Because only if the employees Objective of the companies fit and support them, they are too satisfied.

Employer Ratings: Who cares?

And only if employees are satisfied with their employer are there no negative ratings on Kununu. And that, in turn, is an important point in attracting more good employees to the company. After all, only those companies win that can really inspire the best minds and to do this, the HR managers must also inspire and convince them accordingly, with standard recruitingMeasures you can't get any further.

So what surprised me the most in our discussion is how widespread the attitude is, employer ratings and social media feedback act not adversely affect employer branding. Because, even in 2018, the comfortable attitude of some HR managers is still: For what is there in the Internet is said, nobody cares.

The reputation of personnel

Recently, for example, I was on a panel discussion from Samsung and talked about how, among other things Recruiter today find employees via active sourcing in social media - and you could see from the reactions of the audience that they had never dealt with it and that the whole area was even a bit scary for them.

Of course, that doesn't exactly improve the reputation of HR managers, on the contrary, they apply to many Candidate still as an enemy. And what people then think of are data protection scandals, just think of Cambridge Analytica, or, it's been a while, the scandal at Deutsche Bahn that employers had applicantsemails read.

Technology and Tools - The Self-Image of HR?

In my personal assessment, the human resources industry is also to blame: it deals with some self-referential with tools and the technical possibilities - something provocatively said she is downright on the tools and technical possibilities.

No matter which event you look at, it's mostly just about measuring reach and increase, tapping and collecting profile information and CVs and managing applicant databases.

Is man on the track?

What then often goes by the wayside is the human being. This is why personnel are also of major importance to society, for example when it comes to finding exactly the right employees for the corporate culture and acting as their companion and contact person.

Because it is exactly these exactly fitting employees who support the success of a company and thus are an important competitive factor in digitization and globalization

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