A lack of understanding for applicant concerns and standard processes are deadly if you want to attract top talent. Candidate Journeys and Personas, the prototypical Candidate embody, are therefore exceedingly useful. With their help, you gain a clear advantage over others Corporate, the Candidates continue to treat according to “Schedule F”.

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Candidate Journey: today a must

Anyone who interacts with companies as an applicant is very annoyed: about the spam factor of Active Sourcing, the lack of user-friendliness of a website, the application form that is not mobile-optimized, antiquated job descriptions, sugarcoated facts, endless response times, standard interviews, disrespect Behavior, broken promises and much more.

The reasons for this are outdated procedures from the past, obedience to methods, inappropriate arrogance, bureaucratisation and a lack of applicant orientation. You indulge in processes that are practical for the company, but corrosive to the candidates. Even the most promising people do not feel like they are courted, but often enough like supplicants.

This is fatal. Because just like with a real journey, you also want from your journey through the Recruiting-Tell landscape. And that leaves traces: in the minds and hearts of the People – and mostly also on the web. Such field reports influence the preliminary decisions of new applicants considerably. Many employers fall through the cracks before they even get to know each other for the first time.

How to Develop Candidate Journeys in 7 Steps

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A candidate journey represents the prototypical “journey” of a job seeker through the company's internal application process. It is viewed from the applicant's perspective. Modern companies deal intensively with every single point of interaction, the touchpoints of a candidate journey, and strive to make what happens there as appealing as possible for the applicants. Candidate journeys are developed in seven steps:

  1. Step 1: First, determine which scenario you want to examine for which applicant type. For example: A university graduate applies for his first job. It is best to define a prototypical persona in order to get a better picture of the aspirants.
  2. Step 2: Identify all interaction points that might play a role in this scenario. Assign the relevant touchpoints to the individual phases in the application process. Obertouchpoints such as the company's career side can be subdivided into subpoints and thus be looked at in greater detail.
  3. Step 3: Illustrate, as far as possible and legally permitted, what happens at the individual touchpoints, as in a travelogue: through videos, photos, episodic events or speech bubble statements. It is about both the process and the relationship level.
  4. Step 4: Then analyze what is happening to the individual touchpoints from the point of view of the job seekers: What is disappointing? (= What we must not do). What is okay? (= Our minimum standard, the zero line of satisfaction). What is / would be inspiring? (= What we can do at best). Analyze the public feedback about you as an employer.
  5. Step 5: Afterwards, work together with staff members who represent the respective applicant group, what needs to be done to improve the applicant experience at each point, to make it smoother and easier. Fill in points that are missing so far and delete everything that is annoying, obsolete and old-fashioned from the perspective of the applicant.
  6. Step 6: Implement the adopted activities as soon as possible. Favor the Quick Wins, i.e. measures that achieve quick success. In the aftermath of an action, the procedure is then explored again. Enthusiasm always means: expectation plus x. Expectations are fueled by the respective level of demand, other positive or negative experiences and the promises of the advertising company.
  7. Step 7: Monitor your achievements. Determine suitable key figures for this. It is usually a suitable mix of several touchpoints that are responsible for a commitment. You should also find out which point was decisive in the run-up to an application. This is done by asking the candidate the following: "How did you actually find out about us in the first place?"

Why Candidate Personas are increasingly important

Each applicant trip can consist of almost the same main stages, but the details of the path to the signing of the contract are different for each candidate. The expectations that a talent has of the recruiting process can also differ depending on the situation. Therefore, it can be extremely effective to develop candidate personas and present their prototypical candidate journey.

Candidate personas (correctly personae) are fictitious substitutes of an applicant group, which combine their characteristic qualities, expectations and procedures. They replace the anonymous target group melee with a human form in which one can think well.

What makes Personas

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Personas contain both professional and personal components. Ideally, they will come with a first name, a face, their skills, a prototypical background, and a privacy Mistake. They have Set, Values, views and prototypical behaviors, interests, ideas, reservations, fears and fears.

Such an emotionally based humanization ensures that the applicants not only fit professionally to the job, but also to the corporate culture. Both together are increasingly important.

How to create prototypical candidate personas

Personas are developed by taking the appropriate ones Employees in the company or suitable talents from outside, uses his common sense and also researches. A workshop, in which you create personas with a detective's instinct like the profilers, brings benefits beyond the many uses Fun.

Their "profiles" are ideally pinned to the office wall or on cardboard figures in order to be able to communicate with almost real people. In this way it is also supported that everyone has the same picture of a target person Eyes have coherent texts when they are working on recruiting projects forms or determine channels for approaching candidates.

Together you can ask yourself what the persona thinks of something and how they are feeling at the individual touchpoints on their journey through the corporate landscape. Personas also help, for example the material moisture meter shows you the Employees who only deal indirectly with applicants, see the person behind the file number, act more individually and meet the “nerve” of the relevant target persons.

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