An product often has a stronger effect than any of the seller's arguments. It is not uncommon for it to be the decisive factor in the fact that a purchase is actually made. The secret? Facts and figures are one thing. But this is where a human comes into play.

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Referral Marketing: The personal aspect

A reference is an extremely effective sales tool. A recommendation is almost always made by a satisfied customer customers pronounced. It is not just that the “thing” fits that is decisive, but the personal aspect.

Namely the assessment and satisfaction of the customer. Through this “common cause” meet each other Seller and new customer on the emotional level. This has a positive effect on a degree by adding the human factor to the specialist level.

Trust as Sales Foundation

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If someone trusts in something, he is happy to recommend it. The one who receives, hears or reads the recommendation trusts in it because he trusts the one who recommends.

Be it because a personal relationship exists, a well-known one Company or a known one Brand behind it or simply serious services are offered. Compared to advertising, such an assessment is perceived neutrally and objectively, since it does not come from the provider himself.

Instrument for customer loyalty and customer identification

No dissatisfied Customer would give a seller a positive give reference. He wouldn't commit to him if everything didn't really fit. That is why references are a proven tool for customer retention. When acquiring new customers, references are important for potential customers Trust in the performance of a provider and in the quality of his service.

A recommendation can prove to be very helpful if a desired customer considers the reference provider to be credible. The consequential inference derived from this is that the positive business relationship between the seller and the referrer also translates to future collaboration.

Sales Manager: Trust in referrals

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Sellers can already rely on a basis of trust with satisfied customers and use this as the basis for a reference request. It makes sense to ask the customer when the transaction is concluded whether he may be quoted if everything goes as planned. Simply after the "Shop”A eMail to send seems clumsy.

If the request is made afterwards, it should be in a personal way if possible Conversation take place. This can also be over the phone. Also previously announced Online-Questionnaires are conceivable. The request for a reference can be made directly or only after the material has been returned and evaluated.

Sales Strategy: The customer must agree

Only curious and then rely on confidentiality acts unserious. Who a reference z. B. would like to publish on his website, should get permission for it. The customer must not be taken by surprise.

A wording hidden in the contract, stating, for example, that the customer's logo may be used, should be viewed critically and is by no means recommended. The referee should acknowledge his statements by name. Also should these authentic and be personal.

Use recommendations and references in a targeted manner

For convenience, the motto "Much helps a lot" is used, and sellers enclose as extensive a reference list as possible with their written offers. It is more effective to use specific references that suit the target group of the recipient of the offer.

Support is also provided by good video or audio references (eg with an interview) on the website. Via a link, they can also be in the eMail-Correspondence install. With a little instinct, the seller can thus provide his customers with additional information.

Keep references up to date as a seller

Big and small customers, long-standing and new customers - the better the reference providers correspond with the main target group, the more credible they appear. But whoever works with the same list for ten years should not be surprised if he does not arouse much interest. Recommendations from customers must be current, as well as content-wise and qualitatively attractive.

The aspect that not only the seller benefits from a recommendation can also be used as an argument in the sales pitch. By taking a stand, the customer makes a statement I aufmerksam. This can be supported with a link to his company website. So the recommendation works both ways.

Referral Marketing: 7 tips for a good reference

  1. The text should specifically describe what the success of the referent was. Ideally what was before.
  2. Complete first and last name, function and official company name make the recommendation serious.
  3. A photo of the reference provider personalizes the recommendation
  4. A company logo alone is anonymous. It should always be in conjunction with a statement.
  5. Too long texts are not read. Under no circumstances should references be reworded. Typos may be corrected. A highlighting of the main message makes very detailed references reader-friendly.
  6. References that sound too enthusiastic are implausible and rather the opposite.
  7. Decision-makers like to use numbers. In terms of effect, it makes a difference whether the reference for a sales trainer is "The seminar was very good and exceeded our expectations" or "The training enabled us to increase sales by 20 percent."

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