ghosting, one from the Privacy well-known phenomenon, can also be used for Corporate as well as Employees a big Problem represent and cause psychological damage. How do I handle this?

Psychology of business ghosting: manipulation with silence

Definition: Ghosting as a psychological phenomenon

Ghosting is one of the Psychology well-known phenomenon that can also occur in business life. It means promising to meet someone but then not doing it. ghosting means. that someone abruptly den Contact breaks off to another person after appearing to be interested in her. It's a form of social rejection common to many People can be devastating.

After all, people strive for commitment and security, after all we are emotional beings. And at some point the frustration of the ghosting victim, who is trying to be binding, is so great that it turns to sheer anger. And maybe the victim will become a perpetrator again. Yes, I'm afraid that at some point you might not have any at all Choice more and has to train himself to a certain extent to behave in a certain way in order to be able to do his job at all successfully be.

Being non-binding is more than impolite

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I would like to use the example of mediaCommunication illustrate: It is not always possible to become active in the flood of social media postings clear. But I find it borderline when some only observe and even move to posts/topics that are of interest, always remain “under cover”. And just when it's in Business really about something, in my opinion it's not about applicants, business partners and colleagues. The debate is also interesting because ghosting is not new, but it is increasing and the Term actually comes from the private relationship environment. Now, however, it is making hundreds of game forms “visible” under one label in business too.

This is more than just rudeness and has a lot to do with perceived power and dominance. It is therefore no wonder that the phenomenon can increasingly be observed in the professional sphere. In doing so, it is increasingly Job communicated in the same way as in private and that amazes me quite a bit: For me, the advantage of professional communication has always always been objectivity and that people are clear about what they want – which is often not the case in private relationships. Now the factual level is increasingly mixed with the emotional level, perhaps also as a marketing strategy. But feelings in business can sometimes be counterproductive.

Ghosting as an expression of power and social status

I've been wondering if ghosting isn't just the result of certain personality traits that seem to be prevalent in our executive suites. I also consider disinterest to be perceived power, which does not necessarily have anything to do with real power. ME is also the socioeconomic Status too little attention given to such psychological issues.

The sad result is that the people concerned can no longer be reached with reasonable communication and good arguments. On the other hand, pathologizing is human Behavior recently become fashionable, narcissism in particular is a popular topic and many people who talk about it are not immune to it themselves. I often see this with people who claim to act differently – don't they notice that? I can often only shrug my shoulders in irritation.

Business ghosting using the example of the recruitment process

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A particularly impressive example of business ghosting is the recruitment process, since ghosting occurs here on both sides, from applicants as well as employers. It's a psychological issue that more employers need to educate themselves about. It holds risks for employers and companies when they don't properly handle ghosting of potential employees. Therefore, it is important to understand what this behavior entails and how to prevent it. Below are some reasons for that Appear of ghosting in companies and what you can do about it.

The process of hiring a new employee for a job involves yes job interviews, background checks and references. It can therefore take weeks Candidate to sight. Once the selected candidate is hired, the employer must train them into their new role. This whole process can be detrimental to the employer's bottom line if the employee resigns without notice after just a few days or weeks. The employer then has more time and Money spend to fill the position again.

The Lie of the Candidade Journey

It is all the more astonishing when companies then go through with these efforts psychological torpedo unwise behavior: Applicants rarely get a real one Feedback, because of the AGG alone, no one dares to come out of the cover, analogous to the social media phenomenon described above. Then everyone talks about a shortage of skilled workers and Candidade Journey, but as long as the employers have the upper hand or at least think so, it's just nonsense. Incidentally, that is also what increasingly annoys me about corporate communications.

When a company ghosts an applicant, it silently withdraws its interest in the applicant without giving a reason. This is common and poses risks for both parties, even if the company is often not clear. The employer risks missing out on a great candidate because of their own bias. This is because the ghosted candidate may be less inclined to try the same company again and may spend more time and resources looking for new opportunities elsewhere.

When applicants ghost employers - these are the reasons

Companies should therefore prevent ghosting in the decision-making process as much as possible and take care of it. Candidates to be transparent and respectful in all phases of the application process. Because they can also turn the tables and are doing so more and more often, the shortage of skilled workers says hello. Employer ghosting can also occur at any point in this process, because the whole thing is always a question of who has the power or thinks that he has it.

Employer ghosting is when an applicant does not get in touch after the first contact. This usually happens after an interview or during the application process. Ghosting then often happens for one or more of the following reasons:

Conclusion: Business ghosting can meet everyone

So, as we can see, business ghosting can affect anyone, and the hiring process is a particularly good example. It's also important to think about company culture and how to make sure you avoid business ghosting. This applies to companies as well as to employees.

Because in the end, the psychological phenomenon always has an impact negative on a company and its returns, because productivity cannot thrive in a difficult work environment. In addition, everyone likes to live beautifully and communicate comfortably. Therefore, companies and employees should jointly reflect on the topic of business ghosting and, if necessary Solutions find. Because ghosting employees can be disastrous for your business.

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