The Jobs the daily press and Online Job boards are still one of the most common and preferred sources when looking for a new job. These proven sources of information, however, lead less and less to what is desired Objective.


Benefits of social networks

Online Business-Networks represent an additional and particularly efficient way of finding new employment and at the same time making important contacts.

When it comes to finding a new job, all possibilities should be used that are available. The most important basic prerequisites are a fully filled profile and at least 20 contacts.

1. Let colleagues recommend you

An product on the part of your colleagues and business partners not only raises yours Power stands out but also shows that you are a valued one Employees are.

As a leader, employees' recommendations can, for example, underline your leadership skills. Many networks give you the opportunity to simply recommend other members in the form of a short text on the profile of the respective contact.

2. See where people with similar qualifications work

Are you looking for Company, the people with similar qualifications set. For example, if you are a web developer in Hamburg, search for people in your area using zip codes and keywords (JavaScript, XHTML, etc.).

This is where you can orient yourself and develop a feeling for which companies have an interest in personnel that meet your qualifications.

3. Research where the employees of a company were previously employed

Find out where employees of a particular company have worked before their current job. This information is very helpful for your search. You can then find out which criteria a company attaches importance to in the case of new employees.

Many networks offer an advanced enterprise search. On the researched company profiles you can track the career of the employees before they have started work with their current employer.

4. Find out where employees of a company go

Business profiles in business networks also provide you with information on which employers the employees are going to work next after leaving a company.

In turn, you can use this information to tap into other potential employers.

5. Check if a company is currently hiring workers

Under the heading “New Employees” the company profiles show you people who have just been hired.

With these new employees, you can Contact and ask for valuable tips. You can also view the entire career and find out what made them so attractive to the employer.

6. Get in touch with HR decision makers

Job boards on online business networks offer you new contact options. Pay particular attention to the contact persons for the vacancies who are not more than two relationships away from you.

This means that you know someone who knows the person who offered the job offer. Tip: In case of a direct approach, you should not separate less than two relationships from the responsible personnel manager.

7. Make contact with the right contact person for personnel questions

The best way to get in touch with the HR manager is through a person you know personally.

If you do not have such a contact, you can use networks to find someone within the company who makes contact for you. The HR manager receives yours Application by one of his colleagues, then it is also largely respected.

8. Vent secret qualification requirements

Job advertisements do not always tell you all about the qualifications the HR manager is actually looking for for a particular job. Try to gain insight into what really counts for this job through contacts within the company.

Through online networks, you can use the company search to find out which relationships you link to the company within your network. If you do not have these contacts, look at the profiles of those who work in this company and draw conclusions as to which qualifications are particularly in demand.

9. Get started at startups

If you don't have one at large companies Success have, it might be time to break it up with one Startups To taste.

Many networks allow an advanced search where you can enter “startup” as a keyword. You can search below for specific Industries (Web 2.0, biotechnology, etc.) and restrict locations.

10. Build your network before you actually need it

One last tip. Regardless of the economic situation and the course of your career, a strong network always provides a good foundation for the security of your job. So do not wait to set up your network until times go bad.

The key to successful networking is not the answer to who you know, but who knows you. And keep in mind: Do not waste time wondering what some people can do for you, always keep in mind what you can do for your contacts.

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