Successful project management is not easy and especially medium-sized Companys often find it difficult. 7 method tips on how to do it better.

7 project management methods for medium-sized companies: more agile please!

Definition of project management: a question of organization

It is crucial Significance for the success that companies can master and handle project management. Project management directs the work on a Projects within a defined period of time within a specified framework.

But what exactly is project management? Put simply, one is Methodto efficiently complete a task defined by a project order to plan, summarize and carry out. It is important to consider as many things as possible when undertaking projects, e.g. E.g. fixed time targets, fixed budgets and fixed resources.

Requirements for the project management

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Projects are usually run and completed at management level. The project manager should have professional knowledge / experience in the various sub-areas of the project work.

It is crucial that the project manager is clear at the beginning of a project Set to make it easier for you and your teammates to manage the project. This is especially important for work motivation: those who work on a project have to work for them clear be what the end result is supposed to be.

Communication skills required: How project managers should organize teamwork

Project leaders should also set an appropriate number of dates to move the project forward. The more organized you are, the better you can be Team stick to your project plan. Each unit consists of a series of Measuresthat aim to achieve a specific goal.

Multiple teams can be involved in projects, which can lead to discrepancies. Namely, increasing pressure increases fast also the nervousness of the project teams. Project management is not an important part of the so-called collaboration management for nothing. As a result, excellent communication skills are required on the part of the project management.

The right project management method for your company

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When it comes to project management methods, every company is different. Depending on the needs of Company There are different methods of project management. There are so many different project management methods that the Choice sometimes becomes a real torment.

Which method you use depends on several factors, including the stability of the product, the deadlines, the Costs, the complexity of the project and the required documentation. You can opt for a specific method decide or work with a mixture of two or more methods.

Success with a checklist: ask the right questions about project management

There is no general answer as to which project management methods are used, but every company has its own ideas about it. This means that very specific issues are taken into account in every company. These include, for example:

Project management in medium-sized companies

Project management is therefore a topic that is extremely important. It's even worse that many small and medium-sized companies don't seem to have the time for it. It is particularly important here that strategic planning and operative Implementation of projects strictly to organizeto lead to success.

Project work in medium-sized companies therefore requires a holistic approach. The special thing about project work in medium-sized companies is that in these companies the project work often takes place in areas of higher quality. The only one Employees therefore has much more responsibility.

How agile project management motivates employees to be more committed

Most tech companies, for example, use Agile as their project management method: Agile is a very structured and organized method of ensuring that tech projects run smoothly and that the teams involved work well together and, at the end of their time as a team, do great work Afford.

The agile principles of project-related work and the project-specific composition of agile software development can work, for example, in short units, so-called sprints, in which the teams ideas develop and Tasks process. Ultimately, projects can only successfully be made when employees are given clear and effective project leadership. This is the crucial one Motivation for the employee to get involved.

7 tips against the failure of projects in medium-sized companies

Lots of projects right now SME close with delays or an excessive budget. The average project duration, especially in SMEs, is often significantly longer than the average project dispositive of 28 days. The following list shows what often goes wrong and how to do it better:

  1. There are wishes, but no clear goals: The board is in agreement that a new ERP software has to come from. Said and done. There is a lot of work going into the development and implementation of the new system - and yet it does not like it. They had imagined that quite differently, the board members said. Here as often the goal and the conditions were not clearly communicated.
  2. There is no interdepartmental support: The costs in the development department should be lowered. The project manager stands alone, the other departments and teams do not feel addressed. Costs have different causes that go beyond departmental boundaries.
  3. There are unforeseen problems in the course of the project: If the goal is not clear, difficulties quickly lead the project to a siding. If the project process is not divided into individual stages and well thought out and certain risk factors are not included, problems almost always occur. If there is a structure in the process, difficulties can not be deterred by the goal.
  4. The project planning is not stringent and comprehensible: Will somehow. With great motivation, a project is started and it is clear Pi times Thumb, where to go. The way there is a white sheet of paper. Not a good idea, because sooner or later every project gets out of hand.
  5. There is no leader: The project is pushed by the head of department of sales, a project manager gets the task of realization helped. He is allowed to do the project, but instructions are not given. This is done by the head of department, but has no time for the small side project.
  6. Once in arrears, the whole project is called into question:  How do you handle problems in project management? Who is the project manager facing in case of difficulties? How is the feedback? Is there any? Again, a communication structure and a project plan is needed to have a Plan B in hand if Plan A fails.
  7. It lacks a planned project completion, which also contains feedback: After the project is before the project. The project management is only really successful if an evaluation takes place after the project has been completed. In this way, the procedure can be evaluated and important conclusions drawn for the next project.

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