There are Industries, which boom particularly in times of crisis. This includes the entire range of Coaching, life support and Consulting. The figures indicate that coaching and consulting is a growth market.

Job profile! Psychology, life support & counseling: dream job or flop?

Help in life as an economic factor

The German consulting market is still on the upswing. While in the UK an average of 8.000 residents Training In comparison, there are only about half as many coaches working in Germany in relation to the total number of inhabitants. This indicates a corresponding growth potential of the coaching market.

The reasons for this trend are obvious and fast explains: Especially in difficult economic times, People in search of meaning, values ​​and Orientation. In other words, many want someone to help them get their lives under control - for example when it comes to the Job Search, career changes, or personal matters. The terms self-help and counseling are extremely broad in this market and even extend to the esoteric – and no matter how you judge it from an ethical point of view, it is an ever-growing economic factor.

There are very different job titles in this area: such as management coach, Business-Coach, performance coach, career coach, fengshui consultant, Time management-Counselor, Career Counselor, Management Counselor, Addiction Counselor, Marriage Counselor, Setup Assistant, NLP Trainer. Psychological Coach or Psychological Advisor.

Esotericism on the rise

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Esotericism is also booming. In North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, one percent of the population orients themselves on the market for supernatural explanations of the world. With a population of around 18 million people, this arithmetically results in a potential buyer and prospect of around 180.000 people for esoterically oriented providers.

According to a study by the Institute for the Study of Religions at the University of Bochum (Religious Diversity in North Rhine-Westphalia Uni Bochum) esoteric and alternative offers in North Rhine-Westphalia are requested by around 150.000 people every year. In the meantime, more than 2.500 centers, institutes and healing practices in North Rhine-Westphalia are said to be offering esoteric services. Over 90 percent of Women and more than half of which are also used by women, both providers and consumers are predominantly part of a new middle class with a holistic value orientation.

Seriousness and qualifications are important!

But nobody has to work as a fortune teller to benefit from the positive future prospects in this industry. Because on this market there are numerous other and above all serious opportunities to work as a consultant, trainer or coach.

On the contrary: Decisive for the acceptance and the economic Success of a consultant, trainer or coach should be in Future be that his work corresponds to the qualitative standards that are becoming increasingly established on the market. These include, for example, certification by associations or completing a special one Vocational Training. Even if such standards are only just beginning to establish themselves: anyone who cannot demonstrate these quality features will be perceived by colleagues and increasingly as a charlatan.

Resourceful business idea - creating problems instead of solving them

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And that can also be found: While coaches and consultants are interested in problem-solving strategies, three Swiss bridle the horse from behind: Under can be bored and financially strong customers from the trivial beginner's problem (from 1 euro) to the almost unsolvable Problem (5.000 euros) new challenges for your carefree life arise.

Did the curious Customer pays the amount due via PayPal or credit card, he immediately receives an email with a link to his brand new personal problem. Proof of problem solving can also be sent by email, and the best problem solvers are inducted into the Hall of Fame. There is also a good conscience for free: 1% of the amount paid is donated to charitable institutions.

What do you do in a market where anyone can call themselves that?

Because here lies the biggest problem in this market: Anyone can call themselves a coach or consultant. The designations are neither professionally protected nor are there prescribed or established training paths - unlike, for example, with alternative practitioners or therapists. In the past few years, many people from related professions such as management, Psychology, human resources or social affairs on the Idea brought to work as a coach or consultant and just get started. Sometimes even university graduates without any work experience just start working in this field.

That can be Eye go – both for the client and economically for oneself. Because often there is a lack of experience as well as the appropriate contacts. In return, more and more educational institutions that have recognized the signs of the times are offering appropriate training and further education. Much more important than any certificate, however, is professional experience. Weekend courses in coaching are therefore just as pointless as time-consuming, multi-year training if the desired certificate is not available afterwards Life fits. The most sensible thing is still your own professional practice useful to complete. A psychologist who wants to work in the business sector should, for example, acquire knowledge of economics, and vice versa, a business economist also needs psychological skills.

Different methods and approaches

It is also important to know that they are very different Methods and approaches on how to work in this area: as a consultant, trainer, coach, therapist or assistant. Although the boundaries between the areas of activity are fluid, they differ significantly in approach and execution:

Counseling is a structured and methodically guided procedure that makes the connections leading to a problem visible and opens up individual, solution-oriented options for action. When it comes to special problems, it is mainly the technical one that matters Expertise of the consultant. Advice is usually limited in time.

In comparison, a coach accompanies change processes over a longer period of time, which can extend over several months. Often it is about specific problems such as securing jobs, self-marketing or improving communication skills. Coaching is based on changeObjective of the client and the associated, verifiable target criteria and, as a result, depends much more than advice on the decisions and the development of the client.

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Psychotherapy, on the other hand, is a special procedure that alleviates or remedies psychological disorders through suitable interventions; special training is required for this. And training is a targeted and methodically guided approach that expands skills and insights. Finally, an assistant does not intervene at all in the personal development or decision-making processes of his client, but rather orientates himself primarily on the client's specifications.

The idea that ordinary people can be helped to deal with everyday problems is still relatively new. In the past it was mainly managers who asked for coaching or people with serious psychological problems, but today coaches, consultants and the like are increasingly helping Ms. Schmidt and Mr. Mayer from next door to deal with larger and smaller everyday problems. It's mostly about that Job, but also about budgetary and financial matters.

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