congratulations, the Job Search is successfully behind you, you did it. But now you have to get through the probationary period. 10 tips.

Survive the probationary period in a new job: 10 tips for successful applications

The first days in the new job

"Nothing is like that for sure like the uncertainty” it says. And that is especially true when you start a new job. Because the first few months are not called a trial period for nothing: employers and employees check whether they fit together.

Because finding a new job is not light. You often have to knock out a number of competitors and survive several application rounds. But even if in job interview everything is going well, the real test then follows: the first time in the new job.

A tightrope walk between adaptation and profiling

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The first time at the new Workplace is a tightrope walk between adaptation and profiling. Both overzealous rushing off and too quiet waiting negative be laid out. Because everyone in the company has a role. And there is an invisible power structure. The problem with this is that if you are new somewhere, you often do not see through it straight away. Therefore, one should initially refrain from making hasty comments and assessments.

It is much better to first observe, ask questions and see through the power structure: who can work with whom, who can't? Who's in charge? Who is an opinion leader? Who is always the bogeyman? Useful: going to lunch with colleagues and not isolating yourself. But don't get caught up in gossip. And the Conversation search with supervisors. Sticking with the important people is ideal. It doesn't necessarily have to be the manager. But this is not possible without personal sympathy. Ideally, a mentor who also explains the human background and power structures can help.

Trial period: Opportunity to get to know each other

Another problem: Especially for former self-employed as well as young professionals, the new role as an employee who adapts to the rhythm and the requirements of the Company subordinate, often unfamiliar and difficult. Employees should therefore also see the probationary period as an opportunity to determine whether they fit in with the company and their colleagues. If none of that works out, the employment law stipulates that you will be dismissed.

Especially those who come fresh from a less regulated situation now have to settle for fixed working hours Regulate and firmly attached structures. Even if more and more companies are saying goodbye to fixed working hours: who should Problems has should timely Alternatives rethink. Perhaps self-employment is better Solution?

10 tips: How to survive the probationary period in a new job

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You can be dismissed at any time during the probationary period. 10 tips on how to survive the beginning of your new job!

  1. Don't open the flap right away: First of all observe everything nicely from the safe cover. While confidence is good, don't be too confident. That will only tempt everyone to really show it to you.
  2. Just do not be a nerd! You want to show everyone how good you are? Commendable but unhelpful. Nerds and perfectionists tend to be unpopular with colleagues, for bosses they are the perfect workhorse. This is not how you gain recognition and respect.
  3. see through the power structure: Who can with whom, who can't? Who's in charge? Who is an opinion leader? Who is always the bogeyman? Stick to the important people. It doesn't necessarily have to be the manager. But this is not possible without personal sympathy.
  4. Private and professional separation: You want to be popular? It's understandable, but don't fall right in with the door, but keep a certain distance: Friendships with colleagues are possible, but they certainly take time.
  5. Avoid the frustrated: The group of frustrated people who only have bad things to say about the company and boss exists everywhere, even in good companies. Avoid these moaners, otherwise you will quickly find yourself in a marginal position in the group structure.
  6. Searching for help: Find a mentor who will also explain the human background and power structures to you. In any case, who, how, what, who does not ask remains stupid. So ask a lot!
  7. Ask, but not too much: Who dont asks stays dump. And ignorance is also readily tolerated by young professionals. However, in moderation, if you keep asking stupid questions, you will quickly disqualify yourself. It is therefore better to ask the right question once instead of asking questions twice.
  8. Write down everything: To avoid constant questioning and forgetting names, it is best to write everything down. Of course, in such a way that no one notices, because that's embarrassing again.

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