Smart Factory conquers the industrial sector. The "clever factory" is the result and claim of the fourth industrial Revolutionthat under the Term Industry 4.0 finds expression. But risks there is also.

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The Internet of Things

By the Internet driven, grow real and virtual Welt ever moving towards an Internet of Things.” (Federal Ministry for Education and research)
With all the opportunities of Industry 4-0, the dangers must not be ignored: The Privacy must be adapted to the new challenges.

After the mechanization of steam and water power, mass production by assembly line and electric Energy and digitization through the use of electronics and IT, Industry 4.0 represents the next milestone in the changing industry.

2011 for the first time as a high-techStrategy publicized by the federal government, the future vision has been running since autumn 2013 as the "Industry 4.0" platform in a joint project of the German business associations BITKOM, VDMA and ZVEI.

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The merger of information and automation technologies results in Company and industry huge opportunities. Thanks to information technologies, new service functions can be offered, production processes can be optimized more easily and faults can be remedied more quickly thanks to wireless remote maintenance. Optimal result: global competitiveness is increasing.

The networking of a company's entire value-added process is the central aspect of a Smart Factory. For any access, for any Information between machine and machine, machine and person, data is generated, made available, via cable and radioTechnology transferred and saved. Basic requirement and necessary side effect: data without end, keyword Big Data.

Uncertainties, dangers and challenges

In addition to convenience and efficiency, Industry 4.0 also harbors risks. side effects of networking facilities are often underestimated. As a downside of the smart factory, digital gateways for data theft, industrial espionage and cybercrime are multiplying. Data protection must be adapted to the new challenges and security gaps must be rigorously closed.

Protection of company data

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With SmartFactory, not only the volume of the data generated, but also their meaningfulness increases. Entire company networks are emerging as new value-added chains, because production and plant processes are not realized by individual companies. The processing of large amounts of data as well as the resulting new legal relationships often lead companies to contractual limits, such as are used in the risk assessment. Therefore the protection of company data should be placed in the focus.

As a logical consequence, new contractual models are necessary in order to ensure the controllability and sovereignty over the data permanently. Naturally neither flexibility nor competitiveness can be restricted.

Liability - legally and contractually relevant

The necessary exchange of sensitive data entails the risk that unauthorized third parties can gain access or that they are processed contrary to the agreement. This is the case as soon as the collected data are used for the production process, but are subsequently re-used purposefully.

Data protection requirements also arise, above all, for customer-oriented products such as those found in the Smart Home and Smart Car segments. The more complex the installed systems, the higher the likelihood of the misuse of individual areas. In these areas, it is increasingly important to take into account the self-determination and responsibility of the persons affected, ie the consumer.

Necessary reform of data protection

Intentionally or unintentionally - data protection is often undermined. The technical and organizational ones Measures of data protection will often no longer be feasible in practice and no longer procedurally representable.

Access, entry, entry, input, availability, data separation, order and disclosure control verlieren in applicability and thus on Effect. Privacy is undermined, descends to toothless tiger. Does Industry 4.0 lead to unwanted Monitoring 4.0?

New challenges

The way to Industry 4.0 is lined with many challenges. The secure exchange of information and data is central and exists across all topics. The targeted networking of all relevant business, production and automation processes undoubtedly holds great potential. Suppliers and manufacturers gain access to all data through the intelligent networking of system landscapes.

The principle of data economy (§ 3a BDSG), according to which only relevant and really necessary data is used, is all too often no longer applied. At this point, more than in any other area of ​​the industrial Societywho asked about privacy.

Audits and certifications can contribute to compliance with IT, data protection and security regulations, and ensure the necessary transparency, especially in the case of order data processing.

Self-regulation and legal bases

The legislator is called upon, since the prevailing legal uncertainty will continue to increase, particularly in the international arena. for one Solution must combine legal, technical, organizational and political elements actto this Problem to eliminate.

The current data protection law is technically and practically overhauled. No surprise, the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) was intended as a temporary provisional to meet the requirements of the European Union in Brussels. Since the year 2001, a revision of the BDSG by 1995 (a report prepared by data protection experts, approx. 300-side expert opinion) is valid.

The EU Basic Data Protection Directive also does not provide a solution. Leading away from the developments and possibilities of industry 4.0, it can not withstand the demands of the modern, digital world.

Data protection through technology and not against technology

A whole new data protection law, which is not only based on the Technology oriented, should be worked out. The central starting point should be data protection through technology and not against technology as has been the case up to now.

A revision or new version of the two legal cornerstones of data protection must take place as soon as possible in order to accommodate Industry 4.0 eye level and to be able to support companies in the best possible way in terms of data protection.

Data protection as a companion

So that it does not come to misunderstandings: privacy advocates do not want to stop the process industry 4.0 or even prevent. However, the topic and the developments should be treated with caution. Because: Imprudent, hasty procedures often bring with it difficult to correct developments.

Compliance with the essential rules of the game is a basic requirement for an adequate and sustained effective development, whereby the current state of the art is not suitable enough as an indicator for suitable laws and guidelines.

The fast-paced, digital age needs flexibility on account to be carried. A plus in flexibility, speed, agility and willingness to compromise is offset by a required minus in immobility and rigidity. Only in this way can data protection be smart enough to meet the challenges of Future around Industry 4.0 not toothless.

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