Do you know that? “Yes, I would very, very much like to make a career change! But if I'm already looking for a new job, it should of course also be my dream job. I have some good ones ideas – but unfortunately they are all far too big to implement. Unfortunately I have to stay where I am. A pity."

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The way to the dream job

the Channel People have big professional dreams, and that's also very good. One would like to be a test pilot, the next development worker, another would like to have one of his own Company conduct.

Not all career projects are within everyone's reach - some dream jobs are due to certain factors such as Age or physical fitness are almost impossible. Others require years of development work or a Commitment, which cannot be afforded at the moment.

In small steps to success

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Still, it can be such a great professional one Objective definitely be helpful: Either I find out what interests me so much and try to use it to find another, more easily realizable activity that aims in a similar direction.

Or I consider my dream as a long-term goal and focus on it for the moment, first steps to go in that direction. So far, so constructive.

Better a growling stomach than no pancake

But it is also different: I can use a career as an argument, so that I do not have to move from the spot. As if I were very hungry, would now like to eat pancakes, but unfortunately they are not on the menu.

So, with a growling stomach, I prefer not to eat at all and rave about how delicious pancakes would be now - not sensible ones Strategy.

Caution If-trap

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I call such a mechanism an if-trap: By making my actions dependent on a certain condition that will not happen with great certainty, I avoid being active and perhaps realizing the second best idea.

So I have a “good excuse” for myself and others to stay hungry and unsatisfied. For example, if I've been an accountant for years and I'm fed up with the job, I do Family have to feed and dream of working as a self-employed organic farmer, this idea will hardly be implemented in the short term.

Long-term goals instead of short-term changes

It would be constructive to see them as a long-term goal and get through Further education, Research and Networking to prepare for it in order to possibly make the transition in a few years.

Of course, this path would demand a high degree of perseverance and frustration tolerance from me. I would have to put up with my unloved job for a while longer, and my reward would still be far off and not XNUMX% either for sure.

Impossible, paper basket, done

On the other hand, I would have the chance one day to do what I really want. With the all-or-not-at-all strategy, I make it easier for myself in the first place by giving my wish the stamp “impracticable” and thus putting it in the trash.

But at every suitable opportunity I bring him out, dream or tell others how nice it would be if... I explain (to myself and to others) that I would rather give up my dead horse today than tomorrow - the only real one Alternatives but unfortunately not feasible.

Day dreams that make the gray job day more tolerable

And maybe most people nod then and confirm that this really does not work. I always leave some pressure inside. For reveling in beautiful dreams makes the gray Joballtag slightly easier to bear for a while - like a cinema film that lets me forget the reality for two hours.

Such a wonderful idea! But of course nothing changes. With this strategy, I'm putting my dream job in my way like a stone that will lead me to many other, maybe a little smaller, but still good ones Solutions could lead.

Do you have a Traumberuf or a nice big professional idea that you consider to be unattainable and use as an argument to hold onto your current job?

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