resilience – the stand-up-man ability – is mentioned particularly frequently in the area of ​​mindfulness and meditation. This is about the personal resilience of everyone People. But companies also need this ability today more than ever.

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Features and benefits of a resilient organization

Organizational resilience is the ability of a CompanyAble to anticipate, prepare for, react to and adapt to change, even in a complex and dynamic environment, in order to ensure the survival of the company and the future growth to guarantee.

Already with this one Definition shall clear: Organizational resilience goes well beyond mere risk management. This requires an even more far-sighted view that includes the entire company. Just as individual resilience is about human well-being, organizational resilience is about the Health of the company - not only a "nice-to-have", but rather a strategic need to ensure the survival and development of the company.

Resilient Organization: How to recognize it?

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A resilient one Organization can be recognized above all by their adaptability and the agile leadership that confident directs. This results in clear advantages for every company:

Strengthen and build organizational resilience and resilience

Essentially, there are three elements that determine how resilient an organization is Future will be:

Point three is by far the most important. The saying “People do with people Geschäfte' may sound like a cliché, but as is so often the case, there is a grain of truth here as well.

Customers value companies and corporate communications

Even if the product is good and the process works smoothly, the customer remains customers especially the personal experiences in memory. How has he been treated? Has he been taken seriously? Has he been met? Also and especially in times of advancing digitization, personal experience and assessment are again of great importance.

There is also another aspect: Customers not only evaluate the interaction between the company and its customers, but also the interaction between the company and its environment. How does the company present itself? What values ​​are lived there? How does the company deal with social Ask around? How does it live out its social and societal responsibility? Which partners is the company affiliated with? If the customer's experience is also positive and consistent with regard to these factors, the reputation of the Brand and thus its long-term resilience sustained strengthen.

Corporate culture and values: finding a clear focus

In order for this coherent external perception to come about, it is also important for companies to focus on real values focus and to internalize them. If, for example, sustainability is specified as a value that is very important in the company, it is important that this aspect runs through all production and distribution steps. It has to flow into the company's DNA. From the supplier to the trainee to the board of directors, this value must be lived, otherwise it damages the external image.

Imagine if Ryanair were now touting that customer service and comfortable travel are the most important of their business goals. That would probably not be a brand-building and resilience-promoting credo, but a PR disaster. The value does not match the current and visible reality. So, as described in the previous part of the series, enduring resilience can only be built on strong stats, including the Employees, but above all the customers.

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