Feel-good management is a current trend. If the Employees all well feel, it will dem Company already going well? Probably not: One Manager also has to make unpleasant decisions.


Unfavorable decisions belong to the job

A good boss must also take unpleasant decisions for the benefit of the company's success. It is precisely with this that supervisors who, as wellness experts, prefer to create comfortable oases, but their difficulties. And now?

Mr. Sonnenfeldt's total ambition is to offer his employees the ideal feel-good atmosphere. His motto: to friends. His mission: to keep all evil from his orders.

Peace, joy, pancakes - really?

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This morning Mr. Rosen poured out his heart to him. His much-awaited evaluation should have been available long ago, but he has Stress with his girlfriend. She refuses to take him to the ice hotel in Finland that has already been booked. It's good that you can talk to Mr. Sonnenfeldt about anything.

Also about vacations, relationships and travel agencies. After two hours in Office of the boss, Mr. Rosen is emotionally rebuilt and Mr. Sonnenfeldt is overjoyed that he was once again able to be mild and understanding. The report just has to wait a few more days.

"I don't want to be the bad guy!"

And Mr. Rosen? He is relieved that his failure has no consequences - and even a little bit disappointed, because so important, the evaluation then probably not yet been. Next time I will not be so stressful, he thinks.

Mr. Sonnenfeldt doesn't want to be picky. And certainly not authoritarian. An employee to Rede to put him in that would never Sense come. But basically he is only concerned with avoiding conflicts and avoiding resistance.

Wellness officers waste resources

Demanding performance has become terribly out of date - that sounds like pocket checking and telephone monitoring. But if mistakes and omissions do not have consequences, if those who have put in soup do not have to spoon it out, the quality of the work will inevitably suffer. And then the boss and employees also suffer with the company.

Mr. Sonnenfeldt is doing a bear service for himself and his employees. Does he even have an eye on what it costs the company if the highly anticipated evaluation of the sales team is only one week later than planned?

Trust is beautiful - control better?

Nobody is always perfect. But do not trust that employees correct bad performance on their own. Because who once slips and comes through, will expect the next time indulgence.

Thus studies also show that mistrust is a mark of successful entrepreneurs, as the interview with Professor Christian Lechner from the University of Bolzano busy.

Take responsibility to employees

It is up to you to take responsibility for your employees and to confront them with their mistakes.

Make it yourself and yours Team easy: At the first sign of negligence, send the signal “I'm looking closely. There will be no sloppiness here.” Then bad habits cannot even establish themselves in the team.

To leave conflicts on the scene

And immediate intervention offers another advantage: the Konflikt can still be solved quite painlessly at the factual level.

When employees think they can defend benefices - "But nobody has ever had anything against that", etc. - emotionality is involved. And then it gets hairy.

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