The onboarding of career changers is for Company the perfect opportunity to retain, retain and develop staff. How can it succeed?

Onboarding lateral entrants: 10 steps for more innovation & better employer branding against a shortage of skilled workers

1. Think in terms of responsibilities, not jobs

Everyone screams “skills shortage” – often without dealing with process optimization, onboarding and a culture of Esteem too busy. First of all, companies should therefore ask themselves whether vacancies need to be filled or not Tasks has to give. If you choose the task perspective, you can redistribute tasks and also consider other people for these tasks than too few suitable ones in narrow job profiles Candidates a DAK Bungalow.

Recruiting staff via difficult-to-solve tasks and problems makes talent particularly visible, so that those who Problems of the companies can solve best, also to one job interview to be invited. In the same way, employees with technical challenges can be committed to the company as part of project activities. Regular exchange is important so that the activities take place within the framework of regular development.

2. Understand the motivation of applicants and employees

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Some professions have to struggle with prejudice and the public Opinions has a lot of influence on which areas someone applies for and how that is communicated to their friends and the Family explained. Regardless of whether it is about investment banking, corporations or authorities, there are often critical tones in family and friends who cannot imagine this area. Especially for lateral entrants, a career change is also a change of mentality or a change change personal relationships and values.

This can sometimes lead to a true culture shock from the new Industry and the new company should be addressed, since it is not only about salary and working conditions, but also about the image, political and moral Ask can go, affecting the decision-making behavior of Candidate affect and also Employees can keep busy. The attitudes imparted through training and study programs are not always found among career changers, so that in addition to professionalism, there is also the question of attitude and mentality. This is currently often also used under the keywords New Work and Purpose treated, even if stable and high in times of high inflation Income are in greater demand again.

3. Convey appreciation

If you select People integrated into the company from other areas, some diversity and appreciation for difference is often lost. Onboarding should not lead to a consistent standardization everywhere, but opportunities for niches and personal career paths should be created so that the onboarding is always linked to future plans and hopes and people with great Motivation get to work. There are few scientific criteria that predict suitability for a job as well as intelligence tests do.

For the first time, the facts measured in the intelligence test characterize the basic abilities that Discipline and emotional Competencies supplemented for all activities to qualify can, since motivation and ambition are ultimately next to the Intelligence are the most important characteristics for filling a vacancy, so that a lack of formal qualifications can thereby be compensated. For example, also because many professional qualifications can be imparted as part of the onboarding and thus also career changers with the corresponding requirements fast become excellent employees.

4. Employer branding: implement corporate influencer programs

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One way to make appreciation visible is to use corporate influencer and employer branding programs, both internally and externally act can and thus also increase the bond.

Corporate influencer programs are being used in more and more companies, because people give the company its face and thus convey content, services and the corporate culture individually. As a result, new people are interested in the company and won over, barriers are broken down and current employees also find new confirmation, appreciation and inspiration in the work of the corporate influencer.

5. Recognize the individuality and independence of employees

Some people prefer to work part-time or a 4-day week, others prefer to work from home. A "one-size-fits-all" model does not help here, but the more individuality can be taken into account, the more likely someone will stay with a company for a long time, because why should he or she change?

Independence and the feeling of freedom in the context of secure employment can be particularly attractive for lateral entrants and fits in with the general conditions of Generation Y & Z, which, among other things, also Digital Natives are referred to and are therefore also useful and needed in digitization efforts by companies.

6. Use diversity for transformation

In the abundance of different transformation topics, diversity among employees is a suitable answer and one that promises success Strategy, especially if you manage to align this diversity with a larger whole and thus open up other and new markets.

You don't always want "more of the same", but you can take new applicants into account by participating in niche trade fairs with other focuses. Examples of this include job fairs for gays and lesbians or for people with disabilities, so that the diversity of applicants is also recognized by the HR is adequately recorded. Sometimes team development is also helpful, so that there is openness among the Team is promoted and new employees immediately feel comfortable.

7. Use the innovation potential of lateral entrants

Another reason why you should pay particular attention to lateral entrants and strengthen your corporate culture in this regard is the creative renewal potential of lateral entrants, who ask their own new questions about the processes, services and products, but who can also show different human behavior.

It's not just about the various company training courses and instructions, but also about a personal arrival and "being seen" in the company. Learning companions are ideal for this, who accompany personal learning progress and enable an exchange. Learning companions are used in various companies and used in operational change processes, onboarding processes and in management development.

8. Knowing and increasing your attractiveness as an employer: conduct personnel and feedback interviews correctly

Knowing characteristics of employer attractiveness and asking employees about their wishes and expectations is often the basis for a new strategy and adapted approaches based on employees' experiences. How are we seen by our employees? Why do our current employees work for us? Why should new employees work for us?

interviews and Feedback should therefore be given in the form of 60 x 1 minute feedback instead of waiting for the annual appraisal interview, so that thinking about onboarding processes also encourages thinking about general company processes. Personal conversations and encounters and places where anger, annoyance, incomprehension or sadness can be expressed because some things are not going the same way should become a standard in the onboarding process. A heart's desire, curiosity or frustration often forms the starting point for new personnel and change processes. It is important to find out about moods and potential early on, because that's over emotions Power is generated and can be used for operation.

9. Increase your own attractiveness as an employer through positive thinking?

positive thinking and Optimism should permeate the entire process: What are the positive characteristics of your employees and colleagues? What do I enjoy most about my work? New applicants and the hearts of employees can only be won if the positive aspects of the work are noticed, always and everywhere.

It is therefore perhaps better to speak of "abundance of skilled workers" and imagine that due to the attractiveness of the job, many applicants come and all employees want to stay and develop internally. In addition, there should be development prospects, to which management should also be open. For example, a dentist who is looking for dental assistants can potentially become a company in the field of medical technology, where the dental assistants can find themselves in new tasks. Entry, onboarding and qualification must always be evaluated in the overall context of the company.

10. New tasks for HR departments

Lateral entrants offer opportunities Transformation & Digitization to move, since HR departments too HR-should be a business partner, not only one can solve the problem of "lack of skilled workers". Solution for the personnel question, but also for Business development topics.

It's also about them Perspektive by managers as part of onboarding, who, in addition to professional and disciplinary tasks, also handle coaching tasks so that all employees in the best form and working attitude achieve very good results. The basis here is stable Health of all employees who can provide impulses through targeted health promotion programs, such as company health management and the promotion of healthy nutrition and sports activities, in order to optimally develop the potential of employees.

Conclusion: Task orientation and process optimization are crucial

More and more companies are also considering career changers in applications, simply because of the shortage of workers and skilled workers and the hope of filling vacancies. While I have shown that task orientation is more promising than that Orientation on a position plan.

In summary, companies can achieve “professional abundance” if they take care of task orientation, process optimization and suitable activities in this context. In addition to regular induction, suitable activities also include onboarding that takes emotional and psycho-social aspects into account. Lateral entrants can not only cover the need, but also contribute to the transformation and process optimization and thus become important advisors.

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