A new brand concept, a new logo and an exciting new era for FlexiSpot. come on let us Work Start Like New.

FlexiSpot Office - 5 guidelines: Are you ready for Work Like New? {Trend! Products}

Together with FlexiSpot Work Like New

Work Like New is not just a new brand slogan, it is our guiding principle for this exciting new design era and FlexiSpot branding concept. We are proud to present a groundbreaking new Future of working that is comfortable, flexible and never tied to one place. In a World, in which we move more and more and our workLife-Balance more creative and adaptable than ever, we focus on creating workspaces that support everything you need. Old working habits are a thing of the past. Join us! We are preparing Work Like New - for new projects, new futures and new adventures.

Movable and flexible furniture is important for both employees and employers. We knew that creativity, the ambition and imagination that has helped us to inspire so many of you in your everyday work, had to be the focus of this new branding concept for us. We set out to create a complete branding concept—from a fresh new logo to a new slogan to a design that Brand FlexiSpot completely repositioned for the future.

New standards for hybrid work

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We're committed to setting a new standard in hybrid work - staying bold, original and creative, and building on the amazing products we've created to date. More than ever, we know that you care more about your work Motivation and Energy want to have. We're also excited about what the future can look like if we keep this focus.

We are in the process of developing bespoke furniture that reflects the reality of working life within your own four wallsspiegeln knowing that home is not just a place, it is a feeling that can be created. For decades we have witnessed how offices in Company Received Special Treatment: It's about time we didn't just cram our work into our homes, but with the same Engagement create a space for the design of workplaces and kinetic consultants that meets all your needs.

Our 5 guiding principles

We've thought beyond the desk to define our guiding principle in everything we do. So what does “Work Like New” look like? In addition to an elegant new logo that underscores our personable and friendly aura through rounded letters with an innovative rhythm in the alternation of upper and lower case letters, we have established a few principles that guide our work. You take a chair and look at it.

1. Made to move

More than ever, our work demands are on the move - from spreadsheets to school projects - and our kinetic furniture is made to move, too. With our height-adjustable desks you can control your position from sitting to standing to the correct backrest. The FlexiSpot series helps you to make the day varied. They are designed to help you manage your daily routine healthy to create and space for rest and play for yours Family to create whatever that looks like to you.

2. We adapt to everything with you

Flexibility is at the heart of our work - from kinetic furniture (BH3) that move with you, to creative thinking beyond the desk. Our products are versatile and have been developed for a variety of needs in private and professional life to meet all facets of your Personality to consider. From carbon steel structures in our standing desks (E7 or E8) and kinetic chairs (BS13) for durable and robust use, to custom-configured multi-user desks built for two-person use or parent-child use - we customize it all for you.

3. Cheer up at home

Kinetic furniture that inspires and encourages, that's what sets us apart. Minimalist design and creative elements ensure that our product range fits perfectly into your living environment. With a range of aesthetics, from minimalistic classic to strikingly modern designs, you can customize your workspace to your liking. FlexiSpot offers you individual and sustainable desk materials, a variety of innovative Storage solutions and additional tools, with which you your Workplace personalize and enhance.

4. Empower employees

We make sure that your Employees feel good, regardless of the place of work, the size of the company or different needs. From bulk orders to bespoke pricing to delivery and installation for your home and in Office – FlexiSpot's philosophy goes beyond our products and helps you work the way you want. Oh yes, did we mention our free room and design planning? Let's reinvent ourselves from scratch.

5. A future that works with you

At FlexiSpot, we're proud to have developed a brand that is a leader in kinetic furniture that can move, grow with you, and create more space to accommodate everything you do at your desk. With height-adjustable desks, bicycle chairs, monitor stands and more, work can be defined much more flexibly.

Together into a better future

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With our new branding concept, a bold new logo and slogan, along with our innovative design and the incredible reputation of the FlexiSpot brand, we're ready to create some of our best work.

In the space where work and play intersect, the possibilities are exponential. Come on, let's put the old way of working behind us together and start Work Like New.

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