Our parents gave us something rather fatal to take along: The supposedly praiseworthy search for a common denominator. We are trained from an early age on consensus, compromise and cuddling. The need for harmony is paramount. Streit is frowned upon. And what do you get in the end?

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Harmony at any cost?

Conflict situations, if they cannot be avoided entirely, should ideally end in such a way that both sides feel comfortable with the result. We see the consequences of this educational culture every day Workplace: Salary negotiation with the Executive? Maybe next week. Discuss the difference of opinion with your colleague? Morning…

Harmony at all costs? At first glance, this may seem like a worthwhile one Objective be. But in truth this goal does not get us any further. Rather, it prevents us from campaigning for fundamental changes and thereby further developing.

Standstill instead of development

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Instead, we move away from our own aspirations and goals and close compromises, which usually have little to do with what we really want to do.

The consequences are stagnation and standstill – both privately and professionally. We may live with the result, but we are not happy. The result: dissatisfaction, if not even aggression. Frustration builds up – often at the expense of Health.

Extend until the doctor comes

many decision makers, Executives and employees are confronted with this topic and are surprised when the situation at work has health consequences and their own powerlessness makes them ill. Sitting out conflicts, not being allowed to live out aggression and dissatisfaction leads to physical symptoms.

A quarter of all managers feel burnout syndrome

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A survey of the European Online-job market StepStone shows: Almost a quarter of German specialists and executives feel a clear bournout syndrome, around 32 percent are already suffering from work stress. In an international comparison, the Germans are the sad front-runners with these results. For comparison: In Denmark, two-thirds of those surveyed are doing very well with their workload clear.

Unfortunately, Burnout often not recognized immediately because there is no medically clear diagnosis. Rather, the disease progresses insidiously in different phases. And the symptoms that occur can be a little different for everyone. As a rule, one speaks of burnout when someone is constantly burned out and exhausted, their performance drops sharply and when the state of inner emptiness persists for a longer period of time.

Who is at risk?

are particularly at risk of burnout Peoplewho devote themselves to their job with a great deal of personal commitment, as is often the case in social professions. But also the self-employed or executives in large Companythat are under constant time pressure are increasingly affected.

Initially, these people feel when doing their Tasks the greatest satisfaction: you feel themselves needed and useful, so they devote themselves to a great deal Commitment their professional goals and ignore elementary physical ones needs such as eating, sleeping or relaxing.

Empathy decreases

However, anyone who does not regenerate and expose their bodies to the constant release of stress hormones is soon exhausted. Therefore, the initial euphoria soon kills: you feel constantly rushed and overloaded, and over time, you are less and less able to distance yourself from job stress and recover.

Both the willingness to perform and the ability to empathize with others and to cooperate with them decrease more and more; The feeling of not being enough recognition getting for your own work and being exploited is spreading. Also in privacy there are more and more conflicts. standing at the end guilt, low self-esteem, permanent Anxiety and nervousness and impatience.

Passive mode instead of active changes

In addition, burnout sufferers often feel helplessly exposed to their fate and can not do anything about it. Dealing with fellow human beings also becomes more difficult because mistrust of others and aggressiveness increasingly lead to conflicts.

Even if burnout is not internationally recognized as an illness, but as a Problem When it comes to coping with life, its symptoms overlap to a great extent with those of widespread mental disorders and illnesses, particularly depressive disorders.

The way out of the burnout: No say!

And their number in turn has risen massively in recent years. In Germany, there are eight million people affected. A part of the problem: instead of ripping the oars, finding the causes to the bottom and a bit rigorously change, many sufferers fall into the passive mode.

passive mode? That means nothing other than that we come to terms with a situation. By glossing over it and suppressing it, too procrastination called, we fall into a veritable paralysis. But we have to dare the liberation from this if we want to be successful professionally and privately. The only way to achieve liberation is to say no decisively!

Boundaries lead to success

Who says no to sit out, to lazy compromises and to the cuddle course, who draws his own limits and makes himself independent of the will and the consent of others.

It cannot be exploited or used for other purposes. He secures for himself the variety of actions and the foresight to be able to act in a self-determined manner. This ultimately results in more professional Success, personal happiness and good prospects for the future Societyin which one would like to live.

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