Sales talent is required in many professions. But the Job of the seller has an image problem. Therefore, not a few are healed Peoplewhat they actually do. That's a pity, because only who with his profession satisfied is also sells well.

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Seller - a dream job?

In my training I experience again and again that Seller don't like to admit what they actually do day in and day out. You describe yourself as a customer advisor, key account manager, describe in detail the Industry Or rather call it that Companyfor which they “work”.

Teachers, doctors and engineers have been leading the list of top professions in Germany for years, according to the result of regular market research on the subject of dream jobs. This also recently confirmed that again
Result of an international study by the GfK-Verein, for which 28.000 people in 25 countries according to their trust were asked about occupations.

Security as a criterion

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For many years, I have been dealing with the image problem of salespeople and, even a passionate saleswoman, I have noticed one thing: the market researcher asks what a job is, and depends on the future.

If you use “crisis security” as a popularity criterion, then mine is one Opinions after another profession right at the top of the job hit parade list: that of salesman!

Seller as a guide and consultant

In the age of the Internet, virtually every good is accessible to everyone. There is an oversupply of products and information. Potential buyers verlieren fast the overview and thus the motivation to buy. Now the seller or representative comes into play.

He has an even more important role today than in the past. He acts as a signpost, as a guide in the jungle of offers. Like a Boy Scout, he helps that customers to find the right product and the right service for his needs. At least that applies to the seller, who takes his professional ethics seriously and, in addition to his own earnings, above all the well-being of his customers Sinn hat.

With the right values ​​to the happy seller

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On the basis of the right values, the sales job is not only crisis-proof, it also makes you really happy. Why? Luke the Evangelist's insight that "it is more blessed to give than to receive" is thousands of years old and is more relevant today than ever. Because as a seller, making your customers happy and creating real meaning is not just the right thing to do Fun, it also makes permanently happy, both the customers and the seller himself.

In addition to future security and the opportunity to create meaning, the sales profession has other attractive sides to offer: Rarely is an employee as free in the execution of his job as an employee in sales or in the field. Always assuming the figures are correct, the sales employee is usually the master of his own time and free to use it Planning its activities. He decides for himself which and how many customers he visits when and where. This self-determination is an essential and lasting satisfaction factor for the professional Everyday life.

Happiness prosperity and abundance

Does a seller have to be selfless to be happy? No, not at all.
The possibility prosperity and to achieve abundance for oneself is a high motivator and thus another essential happiness factor.

Compared to other professions, the sales profession offers above-average earning potential, of course usually associated with a high commitment of time. Here, too, the seller is the smith of his own fortune, because he usually reaps the fruits for his own Engagement and decides for himself how rich the harvest should be for him at the end of the year.

Being aware of your own happiness as a seller

The positive characteristics of the sales profession in a nutshell:
Future security, freedom of design, meaningfulness and the possibility of permanent material and immaterial prosperity.

My Tip Nr 1: In front of the eyes

Whether you're already a seller or thinking about becoming one, keep these lucky factors in mind Eyes and you have the best chance of being permanently happy in your dream job.

My tip no 2: Traumberufe?

Professions that are always sold to you as dream jobs are often not in reality. Therefore, be careful of comparisons, because "Comparing is the end of happiness and the beginning of dissatisfaction!", The Danish philosopher Sören Kierkegaard already knew, or to put it simply: "Just do what you want!"

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