Ideally, salary negotiations bring more Money, but many People shy away from dealing with it Executive, 10 tips on what you should not do - and how it works!

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Salary negotiations - curse and blessing

Who does not know the feeling of being underpaid and the thought: "Maybe I just didn't negotiate well back then". That may be so, but maybe not. However, one thing is certain: the next salary negotiation should go well.

Salary negotiations are both a curse and a blessing. On the one hand lands at Success More salary on the account, on the other hand, many people have Anxiety before too impertinent to actto be too reserved or underestimate yourself merchandiseThe following ten tips are guaranteed to make the situation easier. And this is how it works:

1. Do not: fall into the house with the door

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The same rule applies to the boss as to him Employees: Good preparation is the be-all and end-all.

All Ask, which a good supervisor asks before that Conversation begins. So whoever falls into the door with the motto: “Boss, do you have five minutes? I would like to talk briefly about my salary!” does yourself no favours. Better: Inform your manager that you want to have a salary interview and make an appointment.

2. Best Practice: Prepare

This point should be self-evident, but unfortunately it is not. It happens again and again that Candidates go into a salary interview unprepared and end up dissatisfied.

Who thinks about which one in advance Set he wants to achieve and which arguments are helpful on the way there increases his chances. Salary negotiation is part of the job and should be taken just as seriously and properly prepared as any other Projects.

3. Do not: threaten

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If the offer is not as generous as hoped, there are many ways deal with it, but only one that's really bad: the threat. "Then I'll quit!" to say is not a good thing in most cases Idea. It is signaled that there is no willingness to negotiate, which puts the manager in a corner.

In addition, you appear implausible if the threat is not followed by action. Who actually considers the Company to change and can even produce a concrete offer, you should talk to your manager about this idea. However, this conversation is not a threat, but an opportunity for the supervisor to make a counter-offer.

4. Best Practice: Leave the precedence

The manager should have the first word. Ask for his Opinions about your services and, ideally, let us make you an offer.

So you can see your chances and opportunities clear assess better and negotiate more successfully. Plus, you get something so valuable Feedback to your work.

5. Do not: give too fast

The word salary negotiation says it already: Here is negotiated. Anyone who responds to the first suggestion of the supervisor, although this may not yet meet the goals set, makes a mistake.

Even the supervisor anticipates a negotiation and usually goes a little lower than necessary. The right response to that: to thank for the proposal and then explain with good arguments why the result is still unsatisfactory and continue to negotiate.

6. Best Practice: Know your own value

Be aware of what your work is worth and communicate the knowledge gained to your supervisor.

Give examples of past successes and show your visions for the future. Only those who know what added value he has Companys is able to convey that, too.

7. Do not: compare

“Colleague XY has had the title for years, but I'm much better at it!” Every now and then everyone has this thought - but it is not advisable to speak it out. In a salary interview, you convince with performance, a vision and your personal development plan.

What other colleagues do (or not) does not matter. Statements like the one just mentioned just show: you have no arguments for your promotion, so you make other colleagues bad. Not a good start for a conversation.

8. Best Practice: Addressing Development

Salary negotiations are rarely just about money. who more to earn wants, often takes on additional or other ones Tasks. This is associated with development in a specific professional direction, which must be agreed upon. This involves, for example, questions such as: Does the employee have the same ideas as the employer? Or: How can you actively shape your own path?

9. Do not: Become Emotional

Even if the undesirable case occurs, the claims are rejected by the supervisor: Do not become emotional. Anger, disappointment or even a tear out does not belong in the professional environment.

Calmly but firmly state that you do not agree with this result and ask for one Solutionthat both sides can live with. If this is not possible, you must go to yourself decide whether you accept this or whether you are looking for a new job. But that's another topic again.

10. Best Practice: Be confident

A person who does not believe in himself cannot expect others to do either. Just at Women this point is unfortunately often a Problem: According to the “World of Work” Study of Online-Career portal monsters are 55 percent of German men confident enough to ask for a raise, but only 39 percent of women.

That has to change, because nobody gets a raise for free. Be confident and confident that you can accomplish the responsibilities that come with a promotion. Because if you are not in this matter for sure are, then why should it be your manager.


Those who heed these tips will certainly be able to cut a fine figure in the next salary negotiations and record a plus on their account.

Special tip at the end: If the increase in salary doesn't work out, make an offer to your boss Alternatives such as fringe benefits and other substitute benefits, some of which also offer tax benefits.

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