According to the federal government, the 2016% quota for women should be gradually introduced in large German companies, supervisory boards and the public service since 30. But why doesn't it work out quite well? Women in management positions?

mixed leadership2

The payment

From 2018, the quota of women on supervisory boards should even increase to 50%. If the Company now hers mandatory comply, then everything is settled.

Actually ... Against the background of the fact that women now make up 5.7% of German board members and 18.9% of German supervisory boards, this seems to be the case Objective very ambitious.
But how can these targets be realistic and useful be implemented? Because it seems as if the ratio doesn't really want to move from the spot.

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After all, according to a long-term study by Ernst and Young from the year 2012 the proportion of female board members has increased between 2005 and 2010 from 5% to 8%. That's still just a drop in the bucket.

With regard to our European neighbors, we also have to realize soberly that a quota system is not a panacea. Norway, the country with the highest percentage of women in board members (2011%) in 34, has a quotas since 2008. Sweden, the country with the second largest share (27%), has no quotas.

Diversity pays

So if a quota doesn't automatically “regulate everything”, how do we get there?
But before we think about the “how”, we should ask ourselves “why” such a development makes sense at all.

Everything has worked so far.
The answer is clear and adequately proven by studies: Diversity pays. Companies with at least a quarter of women on their executive bodies achieve significantly better results than companies without women at the top.

Women matter

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According to McKinsey, who published the “Women Matter” study in 2013, these companies achieve an average return of 47% and a 55% win rate. The long-term study by Ernst and Young from 2012 confirms these observations: companies with female board members achieve an average sales growth of 20% and an average profit increase of 22%.

But even "soft" success factors improve significantly through an entrepreneurial mix Leadership Approach. Lower employee turnover, less absenteeism and almost 100% on time / on budget project completion are just some of the examples.

Society is also to blame

If the mixed leadership advantages are so clear, why do not we see any faster change?

The responsibility for Status Quo is not just up to the companies. On the contrary. Country-specific, cultural and socio-economic factors have a strong influence on the role of women in companies. The same applies to the women's own understanding of their roles and what is based on them Behavior.

If one loses, both lose

One of the biggest hurdles in this regard is awareness among both women and men that we are not in a black and white world World life. If one wins, the other doesn't necessarily lose. But if someone loses verlieren both.

Boys are still socialized as girls in the traditional Germany. Men measure themselves at other men. Never to women. And so their focus is primarily on their competitors.

Diversity measures are considered unfair

How can we expect that Executiveswho grew up in such a conservative social model recognize that women find it harder to climb the career ladder than they do?

According to a McKinsey study, men consider “Diversity MeasuresIn fact, their companies tend to be unfair to them. In addition, many managers are convinced that their management does not support the corresponding "diversity measures". So why bother then? Because it's worth it, as I will show in the second part of the post.

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