a lot of People is everything with Money and calculation has to do with a thorn in the Eye. Both are important for their livelihood. Accordingly, entrepreneurs are often unsuccessful. What can you do differently?


I don't want to get rich at all ...

We know that money doesn't stink, and yet the smell of weak morals is somehow attached to entrepreneurial profit. “I don't want to get rich at all,” I often hear from founders, as if that were the first danger they would have to arm themselves against as founders.

The Business so to put on their feet that Costs covered and there is a profit that at least covers the living expenses of the founder or the founding team, is not possible without taking a prize.

Money is only a means of exchange

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A founder should be able to calculate what price, the determined price confident represented and check monthly whether the on account rises.
Money is just a medium of exchange.

Our Stone Age ancestors probably did not sell and buy, traded and exchanged, but simply shared what was needed.

Trade on a larger scale

At some point in the Bronze Age, humanity has begun to trade on a larger scale, copper lumps against grain, amber against pottery. A question of negotiating how many arrowheads you got salt for your barrel.

It was only in the course of history that more and more generalized currencies simplified our exchange relationship. First still in the form of precious metal with material value, then increasingly nominal in the form of paper and virtual data as pure barter.

Let's talk about money

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Anyone who feels genuinely at price negotiations and sales negotiations should remember this. We say, ask for a price, but we actually exchange. A certain value of use, the exchange value of which we express in the form of a price, in order to buy us again other values ​​of use.

I also know advanced founders and female entrepreneurs who tend to do that Finance hide. The ready-made evaluation sent by the tax consultant is simply not read and then people moan and moan when the tax arrears come.

Displacement increases danger of failure

And even some spectacular bust big Company has its reason more in personal repression and ostrich behavior than in the fierce cut-throat competition of the competition. One Foundation is always a risk with the possibility of failure. This Risks minimized by those who clarify their relationship to money and maintain their numbers.

That is exactly what is part of failure: get up again, keep going. In the meantime, the use of mistakes has also gotten around in Germany. Because despite everyone Preparation and the best business plan, no founder can avoid making mistakes. On the contrary, if you don't do anything wrong, you miss the opportunity to improve.

Kaizen - getting better and better

This credo concerns the internal Organization and the design of the offer as well as marketing and sales. In the large companies – at least those who can and want to be innovative – this runs under error management, kaizen or quality management.

The principles of evolution are looked into: The genetic code of the plants, animals, humans is systematically introduced into the generations (errors).

More of what works, less of what does not work

The variants, which work better, have better propagation chances and put themselves through. At least as long as environmental conditions change and they are overtaken by an even better variant.

People now tend to do things the way they've done them before: we love habits, we're in love with ours ideas. What we know gives us security.

Get out of the trap of “more of the same”

In business life, this tempts us to no longer question decisions that have been made and procedures that have been introduced. When things aren't going so well, we'd rather make more of the same than look for better ones Alternatives look around.

So what protects founders from the "more of the same" trap? Decide to be smarter afterwards than before. And that's only possible if you accept to be stupid beforehand.

3 tips for better business failure

At the end of

If it works well? Then look for improvement in detail! And if it does not work as you thought? Great! Now you know more than before and can make it better or even completely different.

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