In Germany there are also many jobs and professions that employees can hardly make a living from. That is why there is the statutory minimum wage, which is supposed to guarantee that. An overview of the worst jobs in the low wage sector.

Minimum wage for low-wage precarious workers: The 10 worst paid jobs in Germany

Rich country, poor workers

As we navigate the complexities of modern Economy move, the question of fair and equitable remuneration of workers remains an important topic of discussion. Because it sounds paradoxical: According to a study by the Federal Employment Agency, Germany is one of the countries with the highest hourly wages World. Internationally, Germany is even considered a land of opportunity, with a strong economy and a flourishing labor market.

However, not all jobs in Germany offer the same level of financial stability and prosperity. Despite the wide range of Industries and employment opportunities, there are still certain professions that offer unattractive salaries and poor working conditions. And where, despite the hard working conditions, you hardly made any money from it salary Life.

Working poor: Who can hardly live off their salary?

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The modern Working world has changed a lot. Many employers have opted for flexible, short-term contracts, outsourcing and automation. As a result, more and more People pushed into low-paying, insecure jobs, often without klare Opportunities for advancement or financial security. This new reality is having a significant impact on individuals, societies and economies.

From retail clerks to hotel and catering workers, we'll explore the different jobs that are considered badly paid in Germany and the reasons for their low wages. We will also discuss the impact this is having on the people who work in these jobs, as well as on the economy at large.

Multijobbing: trend or emergency?

Although Germany is known for its high standard of living and strong welfare system, there are still people who cannot make ends meet due to low wages. By doing that Problem By examining the low-paying jobs in Germany, we can gain insights into the challenges faced by many workers in that country. For many, the precariat has become a way of life. They have to endure long hours and low wages while struggling to make ends meet.

And just because many do Money not enough to live to practice Quite a few of these people work two, three or even more jobs at the same time as so-called multi-jobbers in order to finance their lives. The Term refers to people who have more than one job at the same time, be it a full-time job with a part-time job or multiple part-time jobs. Even if multi-jobbing has become a popular trend among millennials and Generation Z, which promises flexibility, autonomy and freedom: Often enough, this so-called precariat practically lives off the Hand in your mouth and at the end of the month you can hardly save anything for personal security and retirement provision.

Low-wage sector: working in constant stress

This is of course a major stress factor. Low wages are a major problem not only in Germany, but in many countries and often affect those who can least afford it: Women, Immigrants, refugees and workers with disabilities. Here are the ten lowest wage jobs in Germany and some of their most important characteristics.

It becomes particularly difficult for these people when a Crisis threatens. That is when many companies lower their wages, short-time work booms and wage agreements falter. What well paid Employees only means a few euros less is a real catastrophe for the low-wage earners in the low-wage sector: precisely those who already have little enough to earn, have to fear for their existence.

What effects does the statutory minimum wage have on wage equity?

One of the most fundamental aspects in this discussion about wage equity is the statutory minimum wage. The minimum wage is the lowest amount of money that an employer must pay its employees for their work. And it is designed to fix exactly the problems mentioned above. Actually.

It has been a controversial topic for decades. Although it is Concept of the minimum wage has existed for over a century, debate continues about its necessity and effectiveness. Proponents of a statutory minimum wage argue that it will help reduce poverty, increase consumer spending and minimize exploitative working conditions. On the other hand, opponents argue that it slows business growth, reduces job opportunities and can lead to inflation.

How should the statutory minimum wage help?

In Germany, the statutory minimum wage was introduced in 2015. The introduction of this law had many effects on the economy - from the change of the Structure of paychecks to setting a higher standard for workers' rights. In fact, the 10 lowest-paid jobs in Germany are all jobs for which the statutory minimum wage applies.

Regardless of one's stance on the subject, knowing the statutory minimum wage is important to understand the challenges many workers face in the current economic climate. Also for Company It is important to know the legal minimum wage requirements in order to comply with the law and avoid costly litigation.

Statutory minimum wage - an overview of 10 examples

The following list contains the professions with the lowest statutory minimum wage in Germany, although depending on the region, employment relationship and personal circumstances, no general statements need to be made.

  1. Cleaner - 8,50 euros
  2. Production workers - 8,00
  3. Laborers - 7,68
  4. Journeyman baker - 7,20
  5. Kitchen help - 6,80
  6. Cashier in a supermarket - 6,50
  7. Dental assistant - 6,00
  8. Retail salesperson: - € 9,00
  9. Parcel delivery service - € 9,10
  10. Waiter - € 9,50

Who earns how little? Where can you get information about salary in Germany?

There are different ways of calculating the salary. The average hourly minimum wage in Germany is currently EUR 8,84. That means people who work full-time make the equivalent of about $ 10.000 a year. The average wage for all current jobs is € 25 an hour, or about $ 30 a year. However, there are many low-wage workers in Germany who get less than this average wage at the end of the month.

The wages, for example, provide a good overviewspiegel, an offer from the Economics and Social Science Institute of the Hans Böckler Foundation. The site offers a free salary comparison that includes 200 jobs from around 50 professional areas. Areas as diverse as call centers, metal professions, IT, trade and health professions were evaluated.

How is the salary information calculated?

The salaryspiegel provides information about the Income of men and women in the individual occupations. He quantifies the income differences according to professional experience and company size as well as between western and eastern Germany.

The information is based on information provided by employees, not employers, and shows how much is actually earned in certain occupations. The website offers a great deal of additional information about wages and salaries, such as a database that provides information on collectively regulated remuneration. A gross-net calculator shows what is left of wages and salaries at the end of the day.

In this way you can find out, for example, how much a machinist earns, what the salary of a bank clerk is and what a chemical engineer, construction manager, physiotherapist, web designer, advertising salesman or kitchen hand gets. If you want to know that, you should take a look at the page.

Which are the 10 worst jobs in Germany?

But the crucial question is: Which sectors earn the least in Germany? But what are actually the worst paid jobs in Germany? What are the jobs in Germany where people could earn significantly more? In doing so, they set the wagesspiegel determined salary information represents average values ​​that are due to personal circumstances, place of residence and form of employment can sometimes vary greatly.

  1. Baker: Is it worth getting up early? For a 39-hour week, bakers have a basic salary of around 1200-1700 euros.
  2. Fish packer: It can get stinky: For a 38-hour week, fish packers receive just 1350 euros gross per month.
  3. Housekeeper: You do the household chores for others, but only get 40-1300 euros a month for a 1800-hour week.
  4. Cleaning staff: Whoever goes cleaning earns around 2000 euros gross according to better than many think.
  5. Hairdressers: And cut: Hairdressers earn particularly poorly - in the west it is 1300 euros, in the east it is even less than 700 euros.
  6. Warehouse workers: Depending on where you live and where you live, there is a rather large wage gap: You can take home between 1250 and 1924 euros a month.
  7. Farmer and animal husband: love for animals does not pay off: farmers and animal farmers earn 1300 to 1680 euros gross per month.
  8. Florists: Florists also have a nice job, but earn little: a maximum of 1592 euros in Bremen, but only 936 euros in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.
  9. Ironer: An ironer earns between 1365 and 1510 euros gross per month.
  10. Winegrower: No way about wine, women and singing: a winegrower receives just 1300-1700 euros a month.

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