Help a meeting, some groan Employees. But the people who do this moan even more to organize and make sure that something useful comes out of it. So long preparation times and a lot of stress? Not at all! efficient Meetings can also be organized quite spontaneously – the participants only have to share one Objective and see that something comes out of it.

Seven young people sit around a table with a laptop, papers and pens at a meeting

Why are meetings so important?

Meetings are an integral part of the day-to-day work of most office workers: Certain employees come together to discuss work-related matters, usually with the participation of their supervisor Problems or to discuss other topics.

However, the participants are often dissatisfied afterwards: “Again, hours are wasted in senseless meetings and the actual work stops” - this is how many employees think. Most of the time this is because the meeting was poorly prepared or led unprofessionally. Read here how to do it better.

Step 1: Does that really have to be?

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Check whether the session is really required. Are there any others ways (e.g. by eMail-vote) to solve the problem? The question of goodness is always: Justify the pending Ask, themes or Tasks the effort for a meeting?

Step 2: Choose the right theme

Set the theme, date, group of participants and agenda sent. If it is clear that the problem or topic can only be solved by means of a meeting, the circle of participants and the date must be determined.

Invite them in time, only the people who are really important or necessary for the topic. Set the time sent: in the morning for creatives, in the evenings for those who are struggling (because in the evening it is usually faster to reach agreement because everyone wants to go home).

Step 3: Define the topic

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Define the topic of the meeting precisely. It is best to formulate it actively, i.e. the topic should always contain a verb. It's even better if you post the topic as a question forms: “Should we introduce product XY to the market?” The narrower the topic, the greater the success of the meeting.

Set agenda

Now set the agenda - there must be no meeting without an agenda - and focus on a few points.

Sort the agenda items by Significance (first things first) and avoid ones that participants cannot prepare for (such as “miscellaneous” or “other”).

Provide relevant information

Ensure that all relevant information is available to the participants in good time. In addition, you should set a precise timeframe - and stick to it.

Because always remember: Meetings annoy many, but it is not difficult to organize a good meeting. In addition to content and targets, there is one thing above all else: the ambience should be right! So pay attention to the organizer on “little things” like the rooms in which the whole thing takes place. Or the punctual start!

Step 4: The ambience must be right

If you are responsible for organizing the meeting, please consider the following:

Step 5: Success factors Note

Step 6: Prepare the meeting

Send the minutes (typewritten) as soon as possible after the meeting. Monitor compliance with those decided Measures and take over open points for the agenda of the next meeting.

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