Many go in, little comes out - so the common belief Opinions and Meetings. The fact that meetings often fail can be due to many factors. One of them, which we want to examine in more detail here, is the self-portrayal of Team-Members. But what to do about it?

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Meetings are affected by the human factor

What do we have at Best of HR -® not all written about meetings. How to make them more efficient, how to prepare them in a targeted manner; like celebrities hold their meetings to organize and much more. And it turns out again and again: the evil tongues are not entirely wrong, unfortunately.

One aspect, however, we have neglected so far: that many meetings simply sickened by the human factor. Because instead of serving as a place for a productive, open exchange, meetings are too often abused by those colleagues and bosses as a stage, which have a penchant for public speaking and self-expression.

Meetings - the perfect stage for self-promotion

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I remember a job many years ago: during the Executive Talking and talking for hours, simply unimportant stuff and visibly in love with his own statements, I wondered with concern how I could still get on with my job amid all the talk. While my office colleague did him the favor of adoring him the whole time, by the way.

Only years later did I look back Sinn of such rituals: that in many cases meetings actually have the task of offering a stage for self-portrayals. And bosses in particular like to take advantage of this situation. The result – the productive cooperation and the common decision – will be there fast as a side issue.

Meetings: According to science, that's going wrong

Annegret Bolte, Judith Neumer and Stephanie Porschen of the Institute for Social Science Research (ISF) in Munich described in detail in a study for the Hans Böckler Foundation a few years ago, what goes wrong with meetings.

One point is exactly that self-expression. Because, according to the scientists, meetings all too often offer an arena for competitive struggles for many participants. It is not uncommon for the question to be asked: “Who is the stronger? Who will win the next exchange? ”

The fear of "verbal thugs"

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No wonder, says the study, that some employees have a real Anxiety develop before meetings. Because either you sit quietly and have to listen to the exchange of blows - or you become a target yourself.

And above all, the whole thing is one thing: a waste of time. The "Solution” The problem for many is to somehow endure the meeting and hope to get through it unscathed. That's a pity, because with a few simple rhetorical tricks you can turn the tide even as a simple participant, not just as a leader or moderator.

As co-moderator take the helm

Exactly: even if you don't moderate yourself, you can steer the discussion back on calmer paths with a few casual remarks and thus structure it. This will encourage the other participants to join the discussion constructive to continue.

So what if Kollege steals everybody's show again or open conflicts arise? And how do you manage indirectly to bring the boss with his airs to reason? Here are some tips to get the meeting back on track.

9 Tips: How to get a meeting back on track?

  1. If other participants deviate from the topic, you can structure the discussion again: "I suggest that we first discuss this proposal and then that one."
  2. In the event of a conflict, try to focus on the matter: "I am interested in hearing other opinions on this topic so that we can get a more objective picture."
  3. If colleague Important differs again: Lead him back to the topic by reminding the others. Just ask quietly "What are we talking about here?"
  4. If the colleague is still biting into the topic and concentrating on the conflict, not the matter: just start to flee forward and ask for more specific information. "Who is involved?" “Would you like to report how it was?”
  5. Careful and indirect questions, such as more information, are also useful in getting bosses back on track.
  6. Feel free to test whether other participants understood what it was about: "Can you tell me how you understood colleague F.?"
  7. You make a speech and colleague Important drives you into the parade, because he has to represent himself? Respond constructively to objections and try to engage the other participants by asking your interlocutors to ask for more information and backgrounds. But complete the discussion with your own facts.
  8. Summarize important statements and the result achieved so far: "We found that ... and then found out that ..."
  9. Identify consensus points and show the participants the success of the meeting: "We have achieved that ...", "We have now reached agreement".

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