Especially start-ups and small ones Company with little Marketing-Budget often find it difficult to find the right one Strategy to sell your products and services. 10 tips.

Marketing - 10 Steps for Self-employed & Small Businesses: How Do I Sell My Ideas Properly?

What makes good advertising, especially for small businesses?

"If you want to put a dollar into your business, you need to have a second to get the word out."

This quote from the American industrialist Henry Ford makes it perfectly clear that a good Idea alone is not enough to get one Business start Success to lead: If you want to sell your products or services, you have to Advertising float.

Checklist: Finding the Right Marketing Strategy

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However, it is important that the advertising measures are carried out in a targeted, planned, regular and coordinated manner. Otherwise it fizzles out Effect. It is therefore important to first develop an individual marketing strategy.

The following will help Askthat one must ask before hiring a professional Concept draw up can.

Enthusiasm alone does not help: How do you convince customers?

Unfortunately, your own enthusiasm for the business idea is only half the battle: It is much more important to share your own customers to know well - for example through an in-depth analysis of the market. Because others People will only buy a product if you get a benefit from it or use a service only if this one Problem solves.

But customers don't just buy what they absolutely need, such as the washing machine to get the laundry clean. They also buy things that are more enjoyable and Health promise something like organic food, even if it's more expensive. Therefore, every entrepreneur has to ask himself whether his product really serves the customer benefit.

The success of your marketing strategy: It does not work without impact monitoring

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Only when these questions have been clarified should an entrepreneur embark on this strategic Basics Set up the operative marketing measures: To do this, you use a regular, fixed advertising budget and select those marketing instruments, also known as marketing mix by experts, with which you can put your own marketing strategy into practice.

But a practicable effect control is also part of today Planning your marketing activities. When in doubt, it is worth resorting to the help of professionals. Not only is this more efficient, it also saves you time so you can focus on your core business.

Service counts: How does good customer loyalty work

And finally, it is also a question of not immediately winning customers again verlieren – for example to the competition because it is cheaper. Because a marketing rule says: It is easier to persuade a satisfied customer to buy again once it has been won than to win a new customer.

Therefore it is important to have a positive and sustainable customer retention to reach. For example, by regularly communicating with customers after the purchase or by offering additional services.

10 steps: This is what the optimal marketing strategy looks like

Marketing – that is far more than Money for a few flyers, posters, advertisements or internet advertising: Successful marketing is based on an optimal strategy. We'll show you what this looks like

  1. Analyze your situation: What does the market look like in which you operate? Who are your competitors? And where are your strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition? A detailed analysis helps you to position yourself in the market.
  2. Who is your target audience? Which potential customers would buy your product and why? Try to find out as much as you can about your customers.
  3. Do market research: You don't have to hire market research institutes for a lot of money. Simply ask potential customers if you would buy your product, read market research, or use the internet to get opinions.
  4. Position yourself: What is your unique selling point, how do you stand out positively from your competition (e.g. price, quality, originality, location). This is exactly what you should emphasize with your advertising measures.
  5. Set your budget: "Advertising - I'll do that on the side and take the money that is left over." Not correct! Advertising is a top priority because it helps attract new customers. It should therefore be specified exactly how much is spent on which measure so that advertising is not left to chance.
  6. Choose the appropriate advertising material: Newspaper advertisements, posters, leaflets - or is it the Internet? There are numerous ways to get noticed. However, the advertising material should be tailored to your strategy and your target group.
  7. Get attention! The advertised offer must be packaged in such a way that it attracts attention. But more than that: the advertising must also attract the potential buyer's interest and increase the desire to buy. But advertising shouldn't go beyond the limits of good taste.
  8. Deliver a simple message: An advertising message should be packaged simply. Even if you sell special books in your shop to supposedly intellectual customers: Don't overestimate your customers: texts must be short and understandable and images must be clearly recognizable.
  9. Initiate word of mouth: The best advertising of all is word of mouth, because satisfied customers report positively about their service. Other customers trust these advertisements much more than advertisements because the opinion is considered objective. Make sure that your customers are satisfied - then you can be sure of good word of mouth.
  10. Advertise on the Internet: You can reach your target group much more precisely and specifically on the Internet than in the print media - Internet advertising is also extremely inexpensive. Advertise with ads and banners on websites that reach exactly your target audience. Use simple text links to increase the number of visitors to your website. Or advertise your product or service in relevant forums and communities.
  11. Control the success: There are sophisticated options for traffic and conversion measurement, especially on the Internet, with which you can check which methods have been used to get visitors to your website and whether you have bought something there. But it is also possible to monitor the success of your advertising measures in other ways: For example, ask your customer to fill out an evaluation sheet after the purchase. This is the only way to find out which advertising measures really make sense.
  12. Maintain customer relationshipsn: It is important to stay in contact with customers even after the purchase. Therefore, do not set up any advertising that does not give your potential customers a chance to react. Because without a reaction from the customer, advertising is superfluous. Once the advertisement has been received, make it clear to the customer what to do and be prepared for the feedback.

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