creativity and Innovation are in Marketing- Speak on everyone's lips. It is often forgotten what marketing is all about: reaching the target group and being understood by them.

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How to misunderstand

Difficulties in the Communication can create a lot of problems - and also have serious economic consequences. Because the quality and the Success our communication depends crucially on whether the messages and content for sure and reach their recipient unadulterated.

This is not left to chance, but consciously makes sure that our opponent understands us just as we want to be understood.

Organize contents logically and comprehensibly

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All communication is made up of two factors: the content, i.e. what you want to communicate, and the form, i.e. how you convey this content useful try to mediate.

The content is of course entirely with you, but should be structured in a meaningful, logical and comprehensible way. This structure requires a certain creativity, even if it is only in the identification of the main points and core statements as well as what is really interested in their listeners.

If you want to be understood in your communication - which is not necessarily the case, especially in official publications Objective seems to be - and if you want to reach your audience, then, to put it casually, you have to pick them up from where they are.

What language does your audience speak?

You have to focus on your target group in order to expand the existing one Distance to overcome.

In the early 70s, my father, who was on the board of directors of a large German electrotechnical group, told me about a colleague who spoke to local representatives of the Economy proud one Rede in Spanish - without even suspecting that Portuguese is spoken in Brazil.

Be creative with the target audience

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That should not happen to you. But it's about more than just the national language.

It's about the Education, the experience, the social Status, the values ​​and self-image of your target group as well as the occasion and the way in which you want to present yourself.

Communicate without misunderstandings

Getting to a target group is a complex task with many difficult-to-define paradigms - a challenge for creativity, but also a home game.

Communication produces many misunderstandings, even more so in marketing. How do we communicate so that we still reach our target group?

In 3 stepsN recognize the thinking of the target audience

Creativity builds on three essential skills: perception, association and visual thinking. So that's generally the status quo. This results in 3 Ask:

Overcome creativity distances

First of all, you need a well-developed perception in order to be able to recognize the “thinking” of your target group, you should associatively adapt your language to their language and not only get an impression of this target group, but also convey the desired image of yourself and your concerns.

As we have seen, creativity plays an important role in the crucial challenge of communication: overcoming the distance to the conversation partners, listeners or readers.

In 3 steps make the audience happy

The Problem is unfortunately unknown to anyone. We communicate diligently with well thought-out words, stage elaborate presentations, write easy-to-understand instructions for use - and still produce misunderstandings.

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