Automation and the advance of thinking machines determine the trends. Unfortunately, it is often forgotten that every transformation process is always a corporate culture challenge at the same time. Salvation is not found only in technology. Whoever doesn't succeed People take away will fail.

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First transformation, then digital

The digital is maybe 20 percent, 80 percent is Transformation. The pressure to change also affects organizational structures and management processes. Many Companys will be connecting to the Future miss it simply because they stick to old ways. The only way to avoid this is by harnessing the talents of those who own the future: Millennials, born into the internet age Digital natives.

With high speed, digital core competence and a nose for innovations, the Boy generation of new business, sales, Marketing-, organisational, working, financing, communication, buying and living models. Completely decoupled from traditional models, it has long since created a parallel world that, if at all, is only partially accessible to the old economy.

Anyone who implements their thinking, systematically mobilizes young people in their own company and integrates suitable start-ups into their value chains can make it happen. Because young entrepreneurs act agile and lightning fast, they hate internal bureaucracy and they love it customers. They call it customer obsession.

While traditional managers remain cumbersome to plan, to their quarterly goals and the Costs think, the young entrepreneurs have long since understood that everything revolves around the well-being of the customer. The refinements of digital technology are its toolbox. They do not act top-down and in silos, but cross-functionally in self-organizing teams around customer projects.

Self-organization instead of Command and Control

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People long to work in a different work and leadership culture than yesterday. Of the Executive as an announcer and watchdog is a thing of the past. Command and Control is no longer suitable for the challenges that the future brings. Because central control does not work in complex systems. And when instruction-based top-down formations meet networked organizations, things get tight for the former in the long term.

Disruptive times not only generate speed, but also permanent provisionality. Everything is always up for grabs. Even those at the top cannot even guess where the right path leads. "Your new task is to organize the finding of answers," writes Christoph Keese in his book Silicon Germany. Decentralizing organizations and self-governing teams are needed for this. Agile and they must be collaborative. This means: As much self-organization as possible with only as much central control as is absolutely necessary.

Team decisions on the advance

Decisions and responsibility for them remain with the Team. Guide Above all, make sure that nothing operational is delegated back to her. It only intervenes in a directive manner in exceptional cases and in a strategic context. Otherwise she is mainly active in promoting. It ensures a pleasant working environment, perfect framework conditions and extensive training opportunities.

Trial phases are extremely important so that both the Executives as well as the Employees can practice in the new, still unfamiliar situation. An error-free, sanction-free learning culture accompanies the way. Stage wins are celebrated. Under no circumstances should the pendulum swing too abruptly or too radically in the direction of freedom from hierarchy, because that would overwhelm people.

Climbing wall instead of ladder

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Up to now, career paths have mostly been mapped out: progress was made on a career ladder that had to be climbed step by step. The principle, as paradoxical as it sounds: Good performance is inevitably rewarded with a management role. Capable or incapable of doing so? No matter! You are simply “on it”. But not every good professional is also a good manager. The result, according to Gallup: "People join companies but they leave managers."

In new times, the Term of the career path redefined. Role flexibility and climbing wall careers will find their way into companies. Sometimes someone is the manager of a team, sometimes manager of a project, sometimes the person responsible for a process, sometimes he acts without managerial tasks in a team of experts.

Leaving a leadership role is not associated with either loss of face or disassembly - not a step backwards, but a sideward movement. Specialist and management careers are equated. Careers no longer go up on a ladder, which can be associated with a sudden, often undignified crash in the event of a misstep.

You can switch to technical expertise without shame. This is high for that reason alone useful, because top experts are needed more and more urgently. The leadership career is no longer seen as the better path. It should be reserved for human experts only. The others' operating license is to be revoked immediately. Instead of forced promotion, good specialists are better able to take on challenges across the corporate landscape.

#minus50 instead of monster bureaucracy

The heavier one Organization, the more prone it is to overtaking. Therefore, more speed is urgently needed. Anything that slows down an organization has to go as soon as possible. In order to be able to do that, it has to be vehemently rebuilt. The future cannot be grasped with yesterday's tools.

Because classic management formations spend most of their time organizing themselves instead of taking care of themselves Shop and take care of the customers. Process obsession, goal fetishism and cramped rules are a colossal waste of time, Money, Commitment and talents that no one can afford anymore.

Bureaucracy makes a company slow and stupid, because everything must follow a predefined path and sink into rigid procedures. Standards also produce isomorphism: everything is more and more the same. But only the special, fascinating, remarkable has a future. On the other hand, the price is decided by the market. Then it should at least be cheap.

Rushing to the future means first of all: loosening rigid structures, disposing of contaminated sites and removing hurdles in order to be able to run faster. All weeds that prevent the young shoots from growing must go. 50 percent less bureaucracy, administration, hierarchy, regulations, reports and planning mania are a reasonable target number. # minus50 is the name of this program that makes you fit for the future.

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