We have to do it often and every day decide, but selective perception clouds our objectivity and leaves us hanging indecisively. How are you anyway? fast with the decision?

Quick & correct decisions despite selective perception: 6 point checklist

How selective decisions cloud our perception

Making decisions is something we all have to do on a daily basis. However, some decisions are more difficult than others. But we are not always objective, but suffer from selective perception. Not only do they cloud our objectivity, they too often mediate us negative Feelings that leave us hanging in the air.

Because the decision making is one of the most difficult Tasks for People. We all suffer from what psychologists call "selective perception." This means that we only have parts of the World see and make decisions based on those parts rather than a complete picture. Sometimes that's good because we're lighter that way Solutions for Problems find. But it can also lead to distortions in our decision-making process.

The laziness of the brain makes it difficult to make objective decisions

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For example, if the colleague in the hallway doesn't say hello, you can easy and say "She has a problem with me". Because the explanation appears to our Brain the easiest because it processes much better what it can fit into existing thought patterns. So we selectively perceive what supports our beliefs, our previous experiences, attitudes and interests. We attribute the unfriendliness of our colleague to ourselves.

Of course, she may not like you. However, you may also be in trouble with the Manager or in the Family or that she simply forgot her contact lenses. Maybe you don't have to get angry and build up aggression. In other words: by simplifying, you can block many options and make life unnecessarily difficult for yourself. There are people who are so stuck in their selective perception that they no longer really take in reality. This creates a dangerous pigeonholing that is difficult to get out of.

How cognitive biases prevent the right decision

There are many such factors that can affect the way you perceive a situation and make you feel like the right one decision hold true. However, life is full of difficult choices. And in order to achieve your goals, you have to make exactly the right decisions.

But it is precisely because of such cognitive biases that it is difficult to know what is best for you. The most important types of cognitive bias are availability bias, representativeness bias, anchoring bias, affirmation bias, and review bias. How can you still make well-considered decisions that don't take up too much time?

Every decision should be carefully considered

The crux of the matter is: every decision you make can affect and change your life forever. At some point in our lives we all have to make a decision like this. It may not seem like it right now, but many of the decisions we make are big ones Significance. Decisions once made are often irreversible, so choosing well is important.

For this reason, it is important that you do not make hasty decisions. One way to make these difficult decisions easier, however, is to try to simplify your life. Even if it is not always easy to find a balance between simplification and an active lifestyle.

Make the right decision: the main thing is quick and easy?

Warning: You may now be thinking of a life without many worries. A life in which there are no tricky decisions to be made. A life in which everything clear and is clear. Wouldn't that be nice?

Quick tidying up instead of tedious sorting out, the simple mobile phone tariff instead of constant price comparisons, package tours instead of self-organized trips. And in fact, Simplify, the title of a very well-known book series, is a great thing when it comes to such simple things. But the fact is: In a world that is becoming more and more complicated, most people long for simple solutions - but they don't always have to be right.

Make decisions easier through focus and concentration

But with complex problems, such as interpersonal relationships, this can quickly become a simplification trap. And the brain, through its tendency towards laziness and selective perception, still helps us to happily fall into this trap.

One solution to this problem is to simplify your life in a different way than you might think: by eliminating distractions and focusing on the important things. Here's how you can make yours Head remove any bias or confusion that might cloud your judgment and prevent you from making an uninformed decision.

6 point checklist: Make more informed decisions with ease

So take a step back and face these important ones Ask, before you make an important decision:

The Objective is to be able to make more informed decisions with ease! But how do you know if you're making the right decision? Often you can't. The best way to simplify your life is to use common sense and logic. Because that's what will benefit you the most in the long run.

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