Looking at our prospects and our activities is the most lucrative means of increasing our income. But how do we succeed in the bursting of days which rob us of breathing?


Civilization causes mental exhaustion

In our usually very urban everyday world, we demand a permanently focused concentration on an immense number of details. It exhausts us mentally. Getting used to it can only take place superficially. As a result, we develop, for the most part completely unconsciously, strong desires Control, safety and versatile distraction.

We are so permanently “on” and feel increasingly irritated, find it difficult to switch off, let alone do nothing at all. This even leads to feelings of powerlessness and Burnout, because we are becoming more and more aware of how impossible it is to take control of our lives. At the same time, we are longing more and more for security and therefore control. The vicious circle is becoming more and more fatal.

Nature brings effortless attention

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Different in nature. There, the stimuli that have been used to our genetics for millions of years lead to unconscious and conscious fascination. Soothe natural stimuli. Our heart beats more slowly, blood pressure and stress hormonesspiegel relax, as do our muscles. Our cerebral hemispheres then network more actively and we have more and better ones ideas.

We breathe deeper and feel good mentally. We arrive in the here and now and thus with ourselves. This leads to an enormous feeling of trust People, events and above all within us. With this increased self-confidence, we recognize possibilities and opportunities much better and thus take a constructive look at our living environment from afar.

How does this lead to more money?

  1. Decisions are more sustainable and thus more lucrative: Subjects in a Dutch study chose financial issues in their natural environment and / or influenced by natural scenes, 15 percent more frequently for longevity and higher profits.
  2. Competition promotes short-term decisions: In a small natural environment, ie in an urban setting, we focus on status and money. This promotes short-term action. Logically, because we are ubiquitously exposed to the observation and presence of others, which affects us in our feeling, thinking and behavior. We have to assert ourselves permanently, which makes long-term thinking difficult.
  3. Better relationships and better networking: Already nature pictures promote relationships and the sense of community. As you know, relationships only harm those who have none. The well-known phenomenon that we feel particularly attached to others as soon as we are together in nature finds its reason here. We want to surround ourselves with like-minded people and exchange ideas intensively. We feel belonging and our abilities are actually needed and appreciated.
  4. More and better ideas: By far the most innovative ideas which are important to the company are created in nature; namely to 28%. Widely followed, all other environments follow.
  5. Better self-reflection: What do you think about traveling alone in nature? To yourself and your next future. That's the way to get to your actual motivations. Unaffected by others, by fashions and trends. Not only to feel these true motivations very clearly, but also to believe them, is extremely easy for us outside. Yes, they become what they really are: the truth that is valid for us. Following this inner voice is the most lucrative way a person can go.

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