My experience has shown that the individual learning coaching sessions are to be viewed as a process, since each one is driven by thought, which also inspires further reflection and reflection beyond the actual session.

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Fundamentals about learning

Therefore I would like to briefly again clear make that there are fundamentally different ideas about the goals of learning coaching.

In detail, the learner's acquisition of skills through learning coaching can be broken down into the areas of specialist, personnel, Methods– and social-communicative Expertise subdivide.

The objectives of learning coaching

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Learning coaching can be very different Set track - such as:

These objectives overview is based on my experiences from the practical learning coaching work - they therefore have a high level of evidence.

Linked competence promotion

At this point, it should be pointed out that learning coaching does not encourage the learners to increase their competences as rigidly and separately from each other, as shown here, but in this case a co-operation, ie a combined promotion of competence, takes place.

More concretely: If the coaching ability of the learner is promoted by learning coaching, at the same time a promotion of the self-perception and the reflectivity takes place, since the learner, while he articulates his health on demand of the learning coach, also looks after his body reactions, his thoughts and his actions as well reflected. This is a very important aspect in the area of ​​competence development through learning coaching.

Thinking as homework

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According to this, the learning coach often can not and does not want to hear any direct answers or statements from the learner, but it is increasingly stimulated reflection in the time between the respective learning coaching appointments.

For this purpose, different types of questions such as constructiveAsk or use circular questions. Furthermore, homework and self-observation tasks offer the opportunity to promote the self-reflection of the learner between the individual learning coaching appointments.

How can you learn best?

For example, a trainee came to me for the second learning coaching session and said:

“I thought again about your question, where and when I can actually concentrate well. Something occurred to me: When my colleague explains something at work, she tells me to listen carefully, but she explains it to me now in detail but only once. I know that she believes in me a lot, but then she expects a lot from me. I want to prove to her that I can. That's why I'm always really focused. ”

Promote purposefulness and motivation

Learning coaching helps ensure that the determination and the Motivation of the learner are encouraged. The learner plans his actions and his further course of action himself and sets goals that are as motivating and achievable as possible.

This choice, ie the autonomy that is conferred on him, tends to increase the motivation of the learner. Learning coaching can have an extremely positive effect on the motivation of the learners, since the learners often support each other in a very concrete way feel.

Autonomy promotes motivation

An example from my learning coaching practice: At the end of a learning coaching session, I suggested to a previously very unmotivated student that we wait until after the school holidays for our next appointment to plan, since they then use the learning coaching discussed Measures can be used in a targeted manner in everyday school life.

She then said to me: "No, if it suits you, I would like to come to you next week, at the beginning of the holidays. Then we can discuss how I can study during the holidays!”

Divide the path into manageable sections

The learner's path to the desired learning goal will often appear long, confusing and (therefore) demotivating. In the practical learning coaching work, the path is broken down into manageable sections, so that even small steps and minimal successes become apparent.

This takes into account situations in which the learner has already achieved small differences, successes or changes, e.g. B. Search for exceptions using the method. With the clear formulation of goals, the learner knows which goal he wants to achieve.

Gain clarity about your own goals

The joint planning of the action strategy contributes to the learner gaining clarity about what he or she wants to do to achieve his or her goal.

During learning coaching, a student said the following to me: "Why didn't I actually think of it on my own? Future to learn like this? I could have figured that out myself!”

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