Nobody likes failure. But it is important to get up in the event of failures and setbacks. resilience helps. How can you learn to be resilient?


Resilience: the ability to see things calmly

We see this again and again: Some People are successfully. They seem to be able to do everything with almost no effort, while others do it from morning to night Stress and don't seem to be making any headway. That makes many dissatisfied. So what do the successful do better?

An answer to this question could be Term Describe resilience: The ability to see things calmly and to get up again even after setbacks. Best of HR -® author Dr. Dennis Mourlane is considered one of the leading resilience experts in Germany. Together with the Bertelsmann Foundation, he has published a study. Result: resilience is learnable.

Can success be trained?

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This study was carried out under the scientific supervision of the Department of Work and Organizational Psychology at the Johann-Wolfgang Goethe-University carried out in Frankfurt am Main, 564 people from 121 German small and medium-sized companies and corporations were interviewed.

The result sounds good to anyone who would like to be more resilient and therefore more successful: people in professional life can obviously train their resilience to psychological stress.

The harder, the more successful?

As an employee, you can avoid burnout symptoms and psychosomatic complaints of all kinds in this way clear better prevent. And also Employees-Failures and the risks Chronic occupational illnesses can thus be significantly reduced.

How psychologically resilient a person is can also be about it decidewhether and how much professional success he has. The study will also show that Executives often have higher resilience than employees, as the study shows.

Only positive thinking for success?

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This sounds a bit too positivistic and reminds me of neurolinguistic programming: I only practice my resilience long enough, then I will succeed already?

In my opinion, it's not that simple. And vice versa, everyone who is unsuccessful has to reproach himself for not having practiced enough. So be careful with such statements, one shouldn't expect too much from “positive thinking”.

The more resistant, the more emotionally stable

After all: Employees with a high level of mental resilience, also called resilience, are obviously characterized by various factors: they do their work more conscientiously, get on better with other people and are more curious.

But above all, the study says, others perceive them as emotionally more stable. Note the statement “to be noticed”. That says little about the actual condition.

To control emotions and to resist them

According to the study, resilient people can emotions control better, are more disciplined, more empathetic, always set themselves new challenges Set and believe more often in their abilities.

Supervisors know best the resilience of their employees increase, by making this one a good one Orientation and on the other hand Control about their respective work area. In addition, bosses influence the satisfaction and health of their employees positively when they are authentic, Honestly, behave in an exemplary and meaningful manner.

Resiliency as a crucial skill of managers

The psychological resistance seems to be an important indicator of the ability to be a superior, the study concludes. And then utter a pious wish:

Since the quality of managers also influences the economic success of a company Company has, the resilience of employees in Future in the selection and leadership development play a greater role. Unfortunately, you do it in Everyday life often the opposite experience.

The undiscovered ability of the truly successful

But what are the abilities of truly successful people? Is it even possible to say that in general and really get to the bottom of the topic? One of the main skills is using emotions and impulses Discipline controlling without suppressing them is one of those skills for him.

What sounds like squaring the circle actually helps us to keep personal goals in mind. Empathy allows resilient people to recognize the needs and moods of their environment. Finally, it is also important to have a realistic, optimistic self-assessment and the basic conviction that you negative able to handle situations on their own.

Remember the strengths

Like Jean Poirier: he was a camera assistant in Montreal for eleven years. A dream job for many, but at some point it reached its limits: “I didn’t have the contacts to work in the Industry to really make a career,” he recognized with fine antennae.

Instead of sticking to the supposed dream at any cost, he looked at his situation with a healthy sense of reality: he could not change the playing rules of the industry.

Resiliency saved more damage

But he remembered his Power and changed jobs. Did another nine month one Vocational Training. Today he runs his own outdoorCompany in Baie-Saint-Paul north of Quebec City. “A lot of colleagues didn't understand that at the time,” Jean told me. But he always had his goal clearly in mind Eyes and was convinced that I was doing the right thing.

His resilience finally saved him from major damage: "When the economic crisis came, many former colleagues became unemployed and didn't know what to do next," reports Jean. But with good intuition he had sought a path in life that really suited him.

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