Nothing is as constant as change. What the ancient Greek philosopher Heracles brought to the point before 2500 years, still applies. With one difference: the earlier demanded more from time to time change has mutated into what felt like a permanent condition. In many Company one change process seamlessly joins the other.

Change processes

Permanent state “transition phase

The official term is “transition phase”, but in reality the time is the change often permanent.

In such times, what is needed above all is “right bosses”! “Right” is not meant to be power-obsessed or patriarchal. Rather are now real Executives with all theirs Competencies .

No time for Schönwetterchef

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Time is bad for fair-weather bosses. Because when the order situation is great and the crew is motivated, the Team spirit really welds together and everyone knows what they have to do... yes then... it doesn't really need one Executive.

However, not a few are basking in the positive light. See what a great team we have become, with what great steps we conquer the market. Well, somewhat sarcastically said: That can be everyone at this moment!

Uncertainty also hits superiors

But what to do when companies are in the "permanent change process". This has to be managed and managed. That in itself is demanding enough. Now there is another aggravating component:

Managers also feel the uncertainties of change. Flexibility is possible light demand it – until you are affected by it yourself.

3 Tips for Executives

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Therefore, executives should now show what they have on it:

  1. Think in roles! As a manager, you can also take the role of "seeker for advice" if you are affected by the uncertainty. Entrust yourself to someone with whom you can exchange ideas. At the same time, self-management is required in order not to convey your uncertainty to the outside world. Think in roles and have the courage to take different perspectives.
  2. Look for the positives! In times of change, employees react sensitively to the smallest signals. As a supervisor, you are closely watched. Because: You radiate exactly what you are. If you present an innovation to which you do not believe, you can still lean on the official wording, you will see that you are not behind it. Look for the positive - not just for your employees, but also especially for yourself.
  3. Give security! In change processes, many have to leave their usual terrain. Nobody knows whether what is announced “from above” actually works. There is great uncertainty among everyone involved. Provide security as a manager. This happens mainly non-verbally (see 2.) and through the smallest of gestures. Do not talk boldly about the future, but point out concretely why and how exactly everything will work now and in the future - and above all succeed.

Get employees in the boat

Sind Employees of all hierarchical levels only implementers of the changes prescribed from above, they will hardly put themselves out there. However, if they make management participants, this benefits the entire change process. An example of this:

Positive dynamics

A large retailer reorganized and streamlined its business. Everyone was involved except for the drivers. “From above” was decided to paint all the trucks white and to stick them with oversized vegetables as part of the new appearance. The drivers initially found this ridiculous! Until they found out that everyone was allowed to choose their favorite vegetables for “their truck”.

Suddenly everyone was there with great enthusiasm, it was discussed who was which "fruit" and laughed a lot. This positive Management underestimated dynamics. Because when a driver is allowed to help design HIS truck, it's almost like furnishing his apartment from scratch. The employees even voluntarily invested their private time in order to choose the right one and have a say in the design. The drivers were on board – come what may. Not only did you support the entire change process, you also helped Success hazards.

“You have to become the change you want in the Welt want to see."

Mahatma Gandhi

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