How to make an excellent Team of employees together? professional qualifications and experience are undoubtedly important, but new employees must also fit the company culture. Six Askto get the right one Candidates to make out.

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Attracting talented employees, receiving applications from them, and identifying talented employees are key to building a Company or teams absolutely important. But information about skills and experience, as well as grades and certificates, alone do not say enough about the individual Candidate out of. Become Personality and leadership style of the candidate complement the team productively? And can the applicant keep up with the pace of the company and does he have an entrepreneurial mindset?

The following six - at first glance rather unusual - questions for a job interview enable an honest and open interview Communication with the candidate and help to find exactly the right applicant for your company.

Question 1: “Let us assume that you will no longer work for us in the next six months. What do you think would be the reason? ”

With the answer to such a question, the applicant gives an insight into his principles and values. It will clearwhether the candidate is interested in a long-term relationship with the company or whether he is a so-called "job hopper" and the new position is just another step in the Curriculum vitae will be. You can also see whether the applicant might also fast is frustrated and in turn seeks new challenges if he cannot implement his own ideas.

Question 2: “Are you the heart and soul of our company?”

Outstanding candidates quickly form relationships with diverse employees in different departments and work well in interdisciplinary, cross-departmental teams. You can act as a point of contact for questions and Problems act and enjoy that trust from other employees. Such employees are true diamonds in the rough, especially for companies in growth phases, as they build a real bond with the company.

Question 3: “What do you not like at all?”

Most applicants are happy to talk about what they are good at, enjoy doing, and who they want to be. However, this question is harder to answer. The focus is not on Tasks or activities that the candidate does not master, but on the possibilities that he finds to do unloved tasks. How does he deal with a heavy workload? In dialogue, you find out how the applicant reacts and how he deals with challenges.

Question 4: "What was the hardest nut you cracked - or not cracked - in your professional life?"

This question builds on the previous one and the answer shows how the potential employee tries to deal with failures or solve complex problems. Also the deal with other employees becomes clear: Is the cooperation sought or problems are solved rather in the Alleingang? Discussions about batting are far more interesting and informative than the unwinding of successes and career goals.

Question 5: “What do you need from your boss or the team to be able to work really successfully?”

The answers to this question provide a great deal of information about the applicant. How much self-confidence does the candidate have? How independently does he or she work, how much support or Coaching is needed and how will Success Are defined? You can also use the information to improve your own leadership skills!

Question 6: "Tell me about your most frustrating work day in the past few months."

When answering this question, does an applicant first draw on the last employer or the Executive or the team, that already shows a lot about the morale and professionalism of the candidate.

Additionally, this question can reveal how well the candidate is engaging despite disagreements. At Shutterstock, for example, we work according to the principle of "disagree and commit" - one Method for decision making. Here will be many different ideas collected and considered until finally one of them is implemented. It is of course completely in Order if an employee of others Opinions is. Nevertheless, it is important to get involved in the jointly decided cause. Good applicants have entrepreneurial thinking and are motivated by the given Strategy implemented for the benefit of the company.

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