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Rohde and Schwarz is a specialist in wireless radio communication. In an interview, Carolin Unger, Head of Personnel Marketing and Recruitment, talks about finding highly specialized professionals.

Carolin Unger has been with Rohde und Schwarz since 2005, initially as a consultant for university marketing, and since 2008 as head of personnel marketing and recruiting. She introduces this position today at the headquarters in Munich Team of around 20 employees. Rohde und Schwarz is a specialist in wireless radio communication in the business areas of measurement technology, broadcasting and media technology, secure Communication as well as radio monitoring and location technology. There are nearly 10.000 worldwide Employees working for the family business.

Ms. Unger, the expert deficit is on everyone's lips, especially in highly specialized technical areas. What is the most extraordinary profession you have to offer?

One of the most extraordinary jobs is the Procurement Engineer. It occupies a highly specialized function at the interface between purchasing, production, suppliers and the different development areas. He supports the development by taking care of all the issues relevant to the purchase within a project.

This includes, for example, the search for alternative manufacturers, the initiation of tenders, the tracking of the target costs of a project or the delivery of the series prices negotiated by the purchasing department. Challenges include, among other things, the fact that the procurement engineer has to take the developer's perspective as well as the buyer and always have to supply the optimum device component at the best price.

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For the Procurement Engineer there is no regular training. So what are you looking for - rather the engineer who engages in business administration, or rather the technology-oriented business economist?

In fact it is Job rather for generalists: The professional profile requires that you start with a greater wealth of experience and professional practice. The Candidate must be able to reconcile engineering and business studies.

Usually do themselves People with a scientific and technical background is easier here because they are already familiar with the way their colleagues think. It's easier for them Technology to understand and the Developer to support. Of course, it also works the other way around, but engineers find it easier to get started. You don't have to be a communications engineer for this, industrial engineers are also in demand. That is why a wide variety of fields of study are represented in Procurement Engineering at Rohde und Schwarz: electrical engineers, physicists, computer scientists and business economists. What they all have in common is that they already have several years of experience in technical development and economic know-how.

Do you find your candidates internally in the existing development team or rather externally?

Usually more external. Our engineers are thoroughbred developers and feel comfortable with their area of ​​responsibility. In addition, we have a fluctuation of about 1%. So it's important to bring new experts into the team from time to time in order to create dynamism and freshness ideas in the Company to get.

Conversely, Rohde and Schwarz is of course also a very complex company, so the training period takes a long time, depending on the employee and area of ​​responsibility half a year to one and a half years, but usually at least one year.

With such an investment, many companies are afraid of losing their employees again. What are you doing to keep turnover low?

As a family business, we focus on the employee. The values ​​that already existed 80 years ago at the Foundation were valid, are still valid today – e.g. B. but also with respectful interaction with each other customers and partners. Employees are also given the creative freedom they need for their work. This is the only way to be and remain a market leader.

The company also knows how important employee development is and offers a further training portfolio with over 200 offers per year. After all, the framework conditions around employees must also be right sustained for the company: For example, we regularly look at developments on the market in terms of salary structures and benefits. In addition, we also offer comprehensive social benefits and award-winning health management (e.g. with leasing bikes, our own fitness studio, physiotherapy and health days), cultural and leisure activities and kindergarten places.

What about training? And will the trainees be taken over?

We have approximately 30 apprentices annually at our Munich office. Since the start of the company, we have trained more than 4.500 young people. As a rule, all are taken over.

For trainees who are willing to study, we offer the model of combined studies at the Dual University of Applied Sciences. The Hochschule Dual is an initiative of the Hochschule Bayern eV The joint study means that in an apprenticeship of 4,5 years a trainee first gets an IHKVocational Training (1 year) and then completed a bachelor's degree (3,5 years). During the first year of training, remuneration is based on the collectively agreed training remuneration. During their studies, they then receive a pro rata monthly salary for skilled workers.

In addition to this model, Rohde and Schwarz offers a support program for interested parties who can already provide evidence of training. The so-called Study with in-depth practical experience lasts 3,5 years – there is no training component. We also offer the Go-For-Master program, in which we support bachelor's graduates with their master's degree with 500 euros per month.

What else do you do to find suitable professionals?

We simply take advantage of all the opportunities at which an opportunity arises: social networks, trade fairs or even advertisements. We also offer excursions for students or have cooperations with universities, where we provide research assignments, provide laboratory or equipment for students, send employees as lecturers or offer internships.

In addition, in 2015 the international case study competition of the Association for Electrical Engineering and Electronics (VDE) and Rohde and Schwarz will take place for the twelfth year in a row. Students work on practical issues Tasks from everyday engineering work and thus gain initial practical experience. The competition is another opportunity to get in touch with potential applicants at an early stage Contact to kick.

If you keep in constant contact with the target group, it is easier to fill the relevant positions, which we have always managed to do so far. an expensive one Headhunter we would therefore only hire in an emergency, de facto we have usually found the right candidates before it was necessary. However, one must also clear be that you look for half a year to nine months.

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