How can Company coveted Developer win over? How does the guild of developers tick? A global survey of developers shows old Pattern and new industry trends, salaries and desires.

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Who the developers are and what they are looking for in the job

For companies or their HR managers, it is fundamentally important to know how the coveted developers think and what they expect from their employers. The reason: This is the only way companies can really appeal to developers and maybe even motivate them to switch jobs.

That's why Stack Overflow conducted a large, global survey of developers and unearthed new insights that are relevant for IT-Recruiter are important. More than 100.000 developers from 183 countries and regions recently took part in the survey. Among other things, the participants provided information about Vocational Training, future plans, preferred technologies and expectations of their job and employer.

Moving developers to change jobs

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Let's get straight to the most important aspect: What motivates developers to start a new business? Surprisingly, the survey shows that when it comes to evaluating potential jobs, male developers are particularly looking at compensation, benefits offered, and the technologies they will be working with when evaluating a new job. Extras such as fitness classes or company meals are less important to them.

This is important to mention, because for the first time this year Stack Overflow has also studied differences between the sexes. The most important finding: for non-men developers, corporate culture and the office environment are the most important criteria when assessing a new job.

The developer market: Young, versatile, ambitious

The developers actively looking for new jobs continue to be just the tip of the iceberg: only 16% of all developers said they were looking for a new job. After all, the majority, at least 60%, said they were open to new career opportunities.

Since programming is still a comparatively young profession, the number of young talents in the entire market is particularly high: 57% of developers have less than five years of work experience, and about 75% of 100.000 developers who participated in the survey are younger as 35. The developers with the fewest years of professional experience include games, graphics developers and mobile developers.

How do developers see recruiter?

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This year, Stack Overflow asked developers where they see themselves in five years, in addition to their current situation. Just over half see themselves in the Future work in the same or a more specialized technical field.

Another figure was particularly impressive: one in four developers stated that they wanted to found or co-found their own company. Perceived as annoying and exhausting: That job interview and recruiters.

This is how IT professionals assess the application process

But let's stay with developers who are interesting to companies as employees and let's look at what they think of you Application cringe. In some open Ask developers could provide information about what they think about a Job Search find particularly annoying. When it comes to the annoying part of looking for a job, interviewing comes first at 13% and recruiter at 12%.

The job interview was also the most common Termwhen it comes to the hardest part of the job hunt. Positive Developers evaluate new opportunities, technologies and the Peoplethat they expect at a new job. So there is still a huge need for optimization in the whole HR-industry when it comes to that Recruiting from developers.

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