Introversion and extroversion are in the Eyes by psychologists North and South of personality. As a trait, it is as important as the difference between male and female. What exactly does that mean for our authenticity?


Is Extroversion better?

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Between the sexes, we are now (hopefully) aware that it has nothing to do with "better" or "worse" when a person female or is male. The “other little difference” between intros and extros is not yet settled.

Many consider the extroversion for the better expression. This is also related to the fact that intros had a bad press for a long time - the property was introverted with timid, jammed and gray-headed in a drawer stowed. It should be said in advance: That's not true. Not really.

The mixture makes it

The reality is more complicated – and a lot more exciting. Everyone has both introvert and extrovert characteristics. So, whether we are “intro” or “extro”, inward or outward facing, is not an either-ordecision.

Rather, every human being is located anywhere on a continuous Intro-Extro scale. And we are all looking for intro-extro blends. Personalities with a very balanced mix of intro and extro features are ambi- or centroverted.

Our well-being zone

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Our location in an area of ​​the intro-extro scale is innate, but only becomes so as we grow up in the Contact People stable: Because that Brain is by no means “done” with the birth.

Everyone finds a grown-up on the scale a kind of comfort zone in which he feels comfortable. Most people are in a moderate middle range, but with a perceptible tendency towards the intro or extro side.

The father of the types

In his work “Psychological Types” in 1921, Carl Gustav Jung defined introversion and extroversion for the first time as characteristics that significantly shape a personality. For Jung, both forms with their peculiarities were important and valuable.

In his view, intros and extros complement each other and can help each other broaden their perspectives and take new perspectives.

Are you intro or extrovert?

Important: Wherever your result is located - every successful community needs intros and extros.

Because the human species benefits from opposites that complement each other. It needs men and women, thinkers and feelers, sedentaries and nomads, extros and intros for their survival and development.

How to complement Intros and Extros optimally

Extros offer intros something that they have less: energetic impulses, hands-on action, flexibility, Motivation.

Conversely, introverts give their extroverted contemporaries something that is only weakly inherent in them: e.g. intelligent pausing, deep relationships, careful ones Planning and an open ear.

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