Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, this is some of the most important information you can have about yourself. Which specific Power and needs the two types have in everyday work can be found here.


When intros and extros meet

But what does it look like when intros and extros meet? For example, are intros or extros better? Executives?

Science then gives a solid researched answer: it all depends - on the environment. An 2011 published study shows who is successful on average where:

How are intro-supervisors?

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In comparison to Extros, intro managers can achieve better results with employees who value freerooms and self-responsibility. You are:

How are extro superiors?

For their part, extro-managers are more successful in environments that support the direct Implementation of orders and maintain a rather hierarchical management style. They are:

Who has what role?

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This study suggests that the head chef of a restaurant or the executive officer of a special service group in the Nordirak is virtually extroverted, while the CEO of a business consultancy or a leadership at Google can rather score with their introverted characteristics.

The overview you see here shows typical strengths of intro and extro managers. When reading, please keep in mind that people are mixtures of intro and extro properties. So you can find yourself in your own strengths on the "other side" ...

Your strengths will make your leadership success

Which of the features can you register for yourself? The list may be critical to you. Successful executives make the most of their own potential.

You can supplement your list with other success factors that make a good manager but have nothing to do with introversion and extroversion. Goal orientation, ambition, the striving for influence and change, the need for acceptance in the Team and the ability to motivate others: a quiet Chancellor can claim this just as much as an extroverted boss.

But one thing is certain: typical extro characteristics such as a charismatic one Personality or enthusiasm have obviously been overestimated for a long time.

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