A few years ago, someone in Oklahoma told me an old story that shows how beautiful and self-evident it is to live in harmony with oneself.

dream job2

The story of the fish

Two Boy Fish are swimming down a river when an older fish swims past them in the opposite direction. He says: "Good morning guys. How is the water?" They smile at him and keep swimming.

After a while, one young fish turns to the other and asks him: “What is water?” His natural element is so natural to him that he doesn't even know that he is in it.

In your own element

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Being in his own element feels so. If you do something that is so completely self-evident, with which you are so in harmony, you feel that you are doing exactly what you like.

How is it by you? Are you in your element? Background you know what your element is or how to find out? There are so many Peoplewho live their lives in their element and who feel they are doing what they were made to do.

Talent and individual passion

Many others do not do this - they have little joy in their lives, just stand by and long for the weekend.

In the element, natural talent is combined with individual passion. First of all, it simply means that you are doing something that you have an innate talent for. Be it playing guitar or basketball, cooking, teaching or with Technology or handle animals.

Accounting as passion?

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People who are in their element can be, for example, teachers, designers, housewives, entertainers, physicians, firefighters, artists, social workers, accountants, clerks, librarians, foresters or soldiers. You can have all sorts of professions.

I recently spoke to one Ms. in her sixties, who has been an accountant all her life. As a child, she understood numbers immediately and was fascinated by mathematics. She just "had it". Knowing what skills you have and what that really means is an important step in finding your element.

Choose a profession that you love

But being in his element means not only doing what one can do well. Many people can do things for which they are not interested. Being in his element also means loving what one does.

That was true of the accountant. Not only was she talented at arithmetic, she loved doing it. meant for her Accounting no effort. That was exactly what she really liked to do.

As Confucius said, “Choose one Jobyou love and you won't have to work a day in your life." In my element, Confucius did not know, even if it sounds like it.

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