Even if there are many good ones ideas like the top management consultants Assig+Echter in the interview have found: Innovation often have a hard time. That's also up to Resistance of the long-established - and the lack of transparency of the communication channels.

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Start-up safaris for more innovation?

Whether it is sugar-based vaccines, surface analysis for quality control, laser production, research on more effective solar cells or the production of new optoelectronic components: in Germany it is often difficult to find innovative developments.

And you are all skeptical: potential customers, financiers and established organisations: it is difficult to convince anyone who develops something new Internet.

Start-up safaris: madness with method

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The madness is there Method: One of the most important Company of the country, the Deutsche Bahn, does start-up safaris in Berlin, but apparently has an IT from the Stone Age, where you as a Customer can only dream of real-time timetable information.

And if you try to register with the German Patent and Trademark Office, the administrative office for innovation, so to speak, you will find that you have to communicate with the employees by fax or letter and that documents are scanned.

New ideas endanger existing business models

The reasons for such skepticism lie deeper: Innovations simply jeopardize existing business models. For example, publishing: The traditional business model of publishers is usually based on a quasi-monopoly, especially when it comes to local or regional newspapers. Here, editors had the sole sovereignty as gatekeepers.

Their readers were, so to speak, dependent on the reports. Accordingly confident was also the habit of many journalists, usually from their Status fed as a source of information, whose Competencies were out of the question. So it's no wonder even one Boy mean student Lecture via social media on the occasion of a media forum at a university, commented with the horrified exclamation: “Every farmer can blog there!

The tide has turned - new ideas are emerging

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In the meantime, however, the tide has turned: First, the advertising markets migrated to the Internet, while the publishers failed to create their own offers in good time. And now others are developing browsers that combine property search with augmented reality while publishers continue to sleep.

Even in traditionally conservative ones Industries such as finance and human resources, countless start-ups are ready to Welt rolling up from behind with apps that pay our way or the way we like Candidate and employers find each other fundamentally change – not a day goes by when you are one of the leading HR-Industry media does not have corresponding reports on the table. The Recruitingindustry is particularly interesting because a major player, Google for Jobs, is preparing to enter the market for Jobs to change fundamentally.

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Are the old industry hands irreplaceable?

And the old hands in the industry? consider themselves irreplaceable. According to one at the University Bamberg study among the 1000 largest German companies have only four percent of the HR Anxiety, through automation to their job verlieren, because yes only a human other People can judge.

A colorful bouquet of algorithms has long been available for applicant selection - from pure eRecruiting systems with applicant data - administration to the automated psychological evaluation of social media profiles to fully diagnostic voice analysis based on suitability diagnostics - experts will, however, get the latter in one breath Called skull interpretation.

The esotericism of new ideas

Last but not least, it is such rather esoteric ideas that fuel skepticism about any kind of innovation in all industries. Because it has long been difficult to filter out the really good and serious hear from the mass of information and ideas.

It is more and more about attention and number of clicks than about content - this is synonymous with im Online- Marketing currently aggressive discussion about allegedly dubious influencers. And because literally every farmer can add his two cents to everything, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the individual start-up to stand out from the mass of information.

The possibility of digital innovation is both a blessing and a curse.

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