People Analytics is in the HR-Scene a hotly debated topic. How much data can and how much can you actually evaluate. It's not just because of Trump that many people do it People Anxiety.

HR Big Data & People Analytics: Give me your data & I'll become Trump

Donald Trump's election victory: how dangerous is big data?

Donald Trump's election victory in the United States in 2016 sparked heated discussions about how social media works - what the influence of Facebook concerned, but also about whether the power of Big Data negative could be used to influence.

The issue is directly related to that Recruiting: With People Analytics want Company the selection improve in human resources. Think Opinions to the theme is yes: If Candidate would know what exactly company and HR since you can and want to do anything with applicant data in their black box, the outrage would probably be great. The list ranges from reading user profiles to aptitude diagnostic procedures and personal rights. Good for the recruiting scene when the disinformation is so big. Dear applicants, just keep sleeping so that the companies can continue to analyze data in peace.

Data analysis with pitfalls


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