Today more and more people have a hard time finding one Work-Life-Balance to keep. You feel too attached to your job, to the rigid office hours. As groundbreaking Solution many people have the home office in mind, in some parts of the World also known as remote work. 10 ideas for Implementation.

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Remote Work: Simply Become a Digital Nomad?

Some even get out of the office completely and travel as digital nomads around the world. Her Workplace is online – instead of being tied to an address, you are only connected to a functioning WiFi network. But how rosy is it really to work online? What are the disadvantages compared to the advantages?

Basically, the better you organize yourself, the more you can achieve in the time available. Because who his Work organization has under control also has his Company under control. This also includes, for example, correctly estimating the time required for a job and the corresponding Money to ask for it. Or meeting important deadlines and making decisions and not always putting them off.

Online Business: With organization for acquisition

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After all, optimal work organization not only helps you to work better and more productively, but also to convince others of your qualities. Like an optimal Effect on others, be it Employees or customers, is practically also the result of good self-organization. Because: others People notice insecurities very much fast – whether the now missing Motivation and Set are or a bad one Planning and Preparation Her work.

The more motivated and convinced one is of one's own ideas and the better organized and prepared one meets others, the more competent one acts outside and the better one can convince others of oneself. And the more organized you work yourself, the better and more efficiently you can plan and execute work processes with others.

Great Freedom, Low Cost: The Benefits of Online Work

A distinct benefit of working on the World Wide Web is that you don't have to travel long distances to start it. A few are usually enough steps from the breakfast table to the desk chair - if you want to take it easy, you can of course take a seat on the couch or stay in bed. Working online saves you the hours you would otherwise spend with Commute would spend - whether in the car or in the train.

Of course, that also brings less Costs with himself. After all, not every employer takes care of the entire journey. In addition, there is less temptation to get your breakfast from the bakery and your lunch from the Asian snack bar around the corner. You also invest less money in clothing: one or two business outfits for appointments with the customer are completely sufficient.

Creative career opportunities: from life coach to investor

The Internet makes things possible that were not even considered before. From the most remote corner of the world, people can build huge networks of customers, mentors and colleagues here and you Career advance. For example, many seize the opportunity to register online as a Life Coach to establish.

Still others recognize the potential that Online-Investments inherent and become a successful investor. There are numerous informative portals on the Internet such as Aktien.netwhere you can get all the information you need for a start in the investment business. In addition, you can live out talents that you have always had but for which you have not been paid - for example, the talent of blogging, writing or designing.

10 opportunities and business areas for home office and online work

Even if there are other factors involved in starting a business and there is no such thing as the perfect business idea: some Industries are considered to be particularly promising and therefore also ideal for small ones entrepreneur.

  1. Bless you : Health, sports, fitness are considered the market of the future.
  2. Consultation : In an increasingly complicated world, people's need for qualified advice is growing.
  3. Personal services: Even shopping assistants or cleanup coaches help to get a grip on everyday life and are increasingly in demand.
  4. Economy : Personal financial management is also very popular with people and companies after the collapse. Good cards for accountants, accountants or financial planners.
  5. Social Services: Another rapidly growing future market: care for the elderly. But also caregivers are needed.
  6. Do-it-Yourself: The trend is towards individual, handmade products. Good opportunities for craftsmen who serve individual wishes.
  7. IT: The IT sector is no longer indispensable to the economy. Good chances for founders!
  8. Eco: Mocked years ago, today in: Eco has become a new lifestyle, offering a wealth of opportunities.
  9. Education and Culture: Although savings are usually the first thing to do in the cultural sector, there is an increasing need for quality and sustainability. For example, eLearning is an increasingly buzzing field.
  10. Media: The media industry is also currently undergoing change: Entrepreneurs can score points here in the long term with innovative ideas off the beaten path.

Conclusion: new opportunities benefit

Overall, working online brings unforeseen possibilities and is for many the Opportunity to shape your life the way you always wanted it to be. Young companies should use the advantages of this form of work for themselves: digital change has brought about tremendous economic upheavals, which are creating new opportunities, especially for Boy companies arise. Many potential competitors actually have Anxietyto become active.

But it is also important to work on your own personality: Successful entrepreneurs see even crises as the necessary “calm before the storm”. This is their secret of success. They use these downtimes to brainstorm ideas and initiate innovations that will ignite when the upswing comes. It is often precisely in times of crisis that such good business ideas emerge that customers can assert themselves even in difficult times: The secret: if a product or service is really good, he says to himself Customer: “I absolutely have to have this product, this service!” – even if they have to save elsewhere to do so.

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