An aspect that is particularly relevant to the remote Work is criminally neglected, ergonomics is the most important thing Workplace. Working in a coffee shop is considered cool, but who thinks about the back pain caused by unsuitable chairs? 12 tips on how to do it better.

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The ideal workplace?

On the left, the empty bag, from which you hastily wrapped the sandwich in at noon, on the right the file mountain, which you still have to work through. Headache from bad lighting and backache from unhealthy sitting posture.

The fact is: productivity also depends on the work environment. And who can work productively, for example, in a great chaos or with a poorly adjusted workplace? And how do you do it better?

Ergonomics - unfortunately it is often missing

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An important aspect, especially in office work, is ergonomics - and unfortunately this is often not the case, especially in the home office. According to studies by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, almost four fifths of the VDU workers surveyed often have complaints during and after work.

About two-thirds of employees feel muscular pain, nearly half suffer from headaches and about 40 percent complain of eye problems.

The ideal office chair

An ideal workplace should therefore be one that offers exactly this Problems avoids – and that starts with the selection the right office chair. According to guideline LQ 01-06 – Quality Criteria for Office Workplaces of the German Institute for Standardization eV, this should adapt to the natural movements of the body as far as possible by allowing the seat and backrest to be tilted backwards, the latter by at least 30 degrees.

In addition, the chair should be easy to adjust, preferably sitting. Safety is also important: The stability of office chairs is very important. Even in the reclined position, there must be no risk of tilting.

Ideally adjust the screen

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You can also adjust the screen perfectly: you should look directly at the display according to its sitting position to avoid tension in the neck and shoulders. It is often recommended to tilt the screen slightly backwards.

As a guideline, the visual axis from Eye should run down about 35 degrees to the screen and the top reading line should not be higher than that eye level lie.

The working environment

At least as important as the workplace itself is the work environment: it should be evenly and brightly illuminated, with no light coming through Spiegeln may interfere with work.

As a guideline, a lamp at desk height with a light intensity of around 500 lux is sufficient. It is not ideal to work directly at the window: daylight can also spiegeln, therefore a distance of at least 60 cm is recommended.

Colors improve productivity

Colors, eg on the screen or on the wall, may or may not improve productivity as well. Because the colors act directly to brain activity. That has the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. In a total of six experiments, the subjects were different Tasks posed on a computer screen.

If details were important, those with the red screen background were better. For creative tasks, the subjects did better with blue. From this, the researchers concluded that color red basically increases the recording power. In contrast, blue combines openness, peace and quiet, which is beneficial for creative work.

Room temperature and humidity

Finally, the right temperature and humidity also play an important role in productive work. 21 to 22 ° Celsius room temperature are considered ideal. Even if it's really hot outside, there should not be more than 26 ° Celsius inside.

Because colds often occur in heated rooms due to dryness, the humidity should be 50 percent. Therefore, air the room from time to time. Also plants in Office improve the climate.

12 tips for the ideal workplace

What should you look for when setting up the ideal workplace? We have summarized the most important tips once again for you.

  1. Chair: Ergonomic sitting is important. Your chair should therefore tilt backwards at least 30 degrees and let it adjust while sitting.
  2. Your desk: Your desktop should be at least 160 x 80 cm tall and low in reflection. Ideally, the table is height adjustable between 68 to 76 cm and adapts to your body measurements.
  3. Your documents: Documents that you do not need right now should be far enough away from your desk that you have to get up at work and take a few steps.
  4. Efficient arrangement: However, make sure you have an efficient arrangement of all work tools: you should not need more than three minutes to fit an item from your desk into your system.
  5. Your screen: The distance between the eye and the monitor should be 60 to 90 cm, with the screen tilted slightly backwards. The visual axis from the eye to the screen should be about 35 degrees down and the top reading line should not be higher than the eye level.
  6. Screen color: The wallpaper background should vary depending on the task: You need a red background if you need to be extra attentive. Blue, on the other hand, helps with creative tasks.
  7. Noise: For example, when buying office equipment, be aware of how much noise they make: for office work, the recommended maximum noise level is 55 dB. If the work requires high concentration, 35-45 dB should be sought.
  8. Plants: Put plants in the office: They improve the indoor climate because they absorb harmful substances and thus improve the air in the room
  9. Personal things: Add personal things to your workplace, because after all you should feel good.
  10. To clean up: Nevertheless, clean up your workplace regularly, preferably every day. This is the only way to keep track.
  11. Every thing in its place: Cleaning up is made much easier if you give each thing its place and stringently enforce your order system.
  12. You have to feel good! But the most important rule is: you have to feel good at your workplace. And if you can work better in chaos or in a neon green room - so be it.


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